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Your beauty salon and website: our best advice for a consistent brand image

Branding is fundamental, whether it concerns a multinational or a small business. It must be well-thought, constantly worked and especially identically expressed on each of the communication media used. We invite you to discover our best advice so that it is harmonious and reinforces a marketing strategy!

1. Definitions

The branding associated with a company and its products / services - although it is designed by the marketing team of the company - results mainly from the way a brand is received, felt and lived by the consumers. When it the corporate image is positive, it becomes a lever of promotion. It must be clearly and quickly identified by the consumer to enable sales. In that, it is a means to highlight the originality and uniqueness of a product or service.

Branding - or corporate image - although built from the characteristics associated with a business (and its products / services) - is largely influenced by advertising actions.

This is what differentiates the brand image from the reputation. This difference is essential. The brand identity corresponds to all the characteristics that a company defines and wishes to associate with its brand and its products or services.

The brand image, in fact, stems entirely from the perception of the company by consumers. Consumers interpret the forms of advertising and communication deployed by the mark in question - and the brand image emerges from this interpretation.

Generally, as in the case of a beauty salon, it is considered that a branding strategy - which is made to influence the corporate image in consumers’ mind - is constituted by amalgamating the following elements:

2. The branding of your beauty salon: an essential parameter at the head of your marketing strategy

You may be wondering why the image associated with your beauty salon is extremely important.

Businesses offering well-being and beauty are numerous and are now offer a range of services. As we said, a strong, positive branding is a way to attract customers to your store rather than in a competitors’ by building trust. The branding of your beauty salon must therefore guide your communication strategy. It is an instrument to show both the originality and excellence of your offer.

The branding will allow customers to quickly identify your beauty salon by instantly associating certain characteristics with it. Of course, they must be positive and this is the point of deploying communication campaigns to influence the feelings of your customers.

3. A consistent branding strategy for your beauty salon: step-by-step

A positive and supportive brand image is above all the result of a coherent identity. We explained the importance of a communication strategy deployed through different channels, but this is only beneficial if the identity of your beauty salon is manifested in a harmonious way.

Consistent branding requires a carefully thought out marketing strategy. Understand that if you distribute low quality flyers focussing on low prices while your website promotes luxury services and cosmetic products with rare ingredients, confusion will be the only result. Your customers will be lost and will have difficulties to position you - which will negatively impact your image.

You must think about the link between your firm identity and the way you want your customers to see it. Three key words must govern the work done during the development of your branding: analysis, reflection and construction.

First step, it is important to know your customers: their profile, their expectations, and their needs. You must also know what is consumers’ perception of your beauty salon at a given moment. But simultaneously, you also need to know your company (its specificities, the greatest value it has to bring, etc.)

Then you need to think and build the message that your branding strategy will convey. This must be consistent with the expectations mentioned above. Your message aims to influence how customers perceive your business.

Finally, this message must be delivered via:

You understand then the importance of a global and harmonized communication, essential element to the constitution of a coherent identity and thus of a coherent image of your brand.