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Google Tools: great ways to promote your beauty salon

Google: the most used search engine on the planet and the perfect place to market your beauty salon, at least in theory. In order for Google tools to become an advertising ally, you need to understand how they work and make the best use of them. We've put together our top tips so Google marketing has no secrets in store for you!

1. Google & Google Maps : local and targeted visibility for your beauty salon

Google Directory is used by consumers to search for places near their location. It is therefore a tool of choice to promote your beauty salon, as you already understand the importance of positioning yourself in this professional directory.

To register, it couldn’t be simpler: you just have to contact Google (online) and then wait for final validation of the service concerned (after verification).

Following the search, the following information will be displayed:

Do not forget to include each of the items listed above. There are many establishments whose opening hours are missing, which is relatively detrimental. Then make sure that the establishment name matches the name on the front of your beauty salon. Photos should be original and of a high quality, showcase what you have to offer! It is also possible to offer a virtual tour of your salon, which is a surefire way to really stand out!

2. Google Adwords : boost the SEO of your beauty salon

You are most likely familiar with the principles of Google Adwords. This is the paid advertising option offered by Google (SEA). Your beauty salon will appear at the top of the search results with a discreet mention of the word “announcement“:

google ad : example of ad

You position yourself on one or more keywords and define how much you will pay for each click on your link. As soon as a user enters the keyword in question, your advertisement appears. Of course things are slightly more complex since everything will depend, for example, on the number of competitors positioned on the same keyword and the price / click they have chosen.

Google Adwords is a considerable time saver since the deployment of your advertisement as well as its “returns“ are instantaneous. In other words, the SEO of your beauty salon will be optimized in just a few minutes and you will get more visibility.

But here too, it's gets a bit more complex ... Google Adwords is not a magic tool, you need to think carefully about your approach. The first thing to do is to include keywords related to your activity obviously, registering a large volume of research but which is compatible with your budget. It will not be profitable to bid on a keyword on which your competitors are positioned at $ 100,000 per click! In fact, it's a question of calculating your maximum cost per click (why not check out the help section offered by Google to familiarise yourself with the procedure to follow).

3. Google Trends : refine your marketing strategy

Google Trends is a t.rend analysis tool for searches on the search engine. It is extremely useful for the purpose of auditing your online communication media. It will be useful both to start promoting your beauty salon and to improve your existing marketing strategy.

Just go to the site and enter the keyword you want to analyze. Information will be offered to you as well as filters:

But how to make the most of this tool? You have the option to subscribe to a keyword, that is, to regularly receive the search trends associated with it.

Also, the tool allows you to take into account trends for the same keyword spelled in different ways. It is possible to analyze the occurrences of these in a comparative way. For example, search for “New York beauty salon“; “New York beauty salons“ and also think about including quotation marks. It is even possible that misspelled keywords can be more successful!

You can use different filters for your research, for example you can look back to 2004. It may be interesting to observe seasonal fluctuations. Is “Beauty Institute“ more searched for during school holidays, in summer or in winter?

Judicious use and, above all, a coherent communication strategy when using the Google tools will be the key to the success of your salon!