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5 valuable tips to welcome your customers in your beauty salon

The customer welcome is absolutely essential for your beauty salon to work. The reception you set up for your customers will help define your identity and impact your reputation. But to show hospitality is not so easy and goes through the demonstration of kindness in many ways... Discover our tips and tricks for a welcome that makes the difference.

1. Hiring a receptionist: a thousand advantages for your institute

First advice: hire a person specifically responsible for the reception. Indeed, many small businesses feel they do not need it. Yet this position is of great importance.

To each his own tasks and skills! The roles assumed by a receptionist are the guarantee of happy and loyal customers who will speak about your institute to their friends and acquaintances.

In short, dividing the tasks will allow you to optimize your respective roles, work more efficiently and therefore increase your sales and profits.

2. Roles and tasks of the person in charge of the customer reception

As you can see, a receptionist does not only deal with the reception strictly speaking. He or she is not only in charge of many other tasks (phone calls, answers to emails, management of making appointments online if necessary, ect) but she is mainly in charge of setting up a reception that is not limited to a simple hello.

Welcoming, helping clients to take a place, informing and selling are the four words summarizing a receptionist’s tasks.

3. Hire the right receptionist

It is therefore crucial to find and recruit the right person. Everyone does not have the qualities required to establish a nice relationship with the clients and prospects.

The person in charge of the reception within your institute must above all understand what his or her role will be. It's up to you to explain it clearly! He or her is, like any other member of your team, responsible for growing your business.

Also, it is best to hire someone who is comfortable with human relations since the goal is to make your customers want to stay, come back and let them know they are always welcome !

4. A receptionist in your beauty salon: an asset for sales

We spoke previously of the many roles of a receptionist and especially because she is, like every member of your team, responsible for soaring your appointments and customer loyalty.

But to become a great receptionist, it is important that your employee adopt the right tone, the right attitude and the right actions.

Thus, each person entering a space devoted to well-being must be considered, regardless of whether the receptionist is already busy with someone or not.

The employee must adopt a professional but friendly tone, suitable for a place dedicated to relaxation. This tone must also adapts to everyone. A receptionist should possibly calling customers by their first name, thanking them for their visit and showing them that each of them is important, individually.

Your reception and waiting room should be, like the rest of your facilities, an invitation to relaxation and serenity. So do not hesitate to suggest - for example - refreshments.

5. Analyze the performance of the customer reception in your beauty salon

Here too, many institutes analyze the results obtained by their beauticians, manicurists, etc. without ever being interested in the work of their receptionist. And that's a shame !

In fact, when you are interested in the cancellation rate or the number of vacant time slots, the work of the person in charge of the reception must be included in the balance since he or she can help you to fill these gaps.

Let us explain. Let's say you notice a big shortfall because of the 20 minutes often left between two appointments. Your receptionist is the one who can optimize making appointments so as to use these 20 minutes intelligently. Simply because she is the one who can offer your customers an appointment, not at 14h but at 13h45.

Also your receptionist can be of great help in reducing the number of canceled appointments. As we explained through our 4 tips to reduce your cancellation rate, it can save you time by handling the sending of SMS or emails to avoid oversights.

Do not forget that the reception and the welcome are the figurehead, the window of your small business. This is a crucial position so that it prospers, provided it is managed effectively!