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Our top 5 of professional Beauty websites

As a beauty salon or artist, it is always rewarding to draw inspiration from professional sites. Indeed, your website will allow you to develop your business and to offer new offers to your customers with the aim of satisfying them while innovating. Here are 5 institutes website that caught our attention:

1. Ruffians: a modern and design site to define a strong and casual identity

This website perfectly reflects the image of the barbershop through images and a modern design that completely corresponds to the brand’s true identity. Here are the little things we have spotted:

Barbershop The ruffians website

2. Bella Santé: all the content a prospect is looking for

Bella Santé is a spa site that we particularly appreciate for its content, which includes the following:

Spa Bella santé website

In short, this site is an example to follow due to its informative, commercial and efficiently organized content. To highlight it, nothing better than its well structured and easy to navigate menu.

3. Blue tit : the trend above all

Blue tit is a hair salon website that has been designed to reflect the high-end and trendy image of the brand. The importance given to the style stands out on every single page through a well thought out design, just as a fashion site would. Here is what we retained:

Hairdresser Blue tit website

4. Mini Luxe: a site that is a pleasure to see

Mini luxury uses a girly design that is very pleasant to look at. Here are some proofs:

Nail salon Mini Luxe website

5. Threekingstattoo : un site professionnel et artistique à la fois

Tattoo parlor Three kings tattoo website

The world of tattooing is a profession apart from the other beauty salons. Here the visual must be kind of original, and it plays a huge role. Here are the aspects we liked about Threekingstatoo’s website:

First of all, we particularly appreciate the photos of each tattoo artist that are Polaroid. This reflects the artistic side of the tattoo parlor. A very original idea that brings a nice touch to the site. Each tattoo artist also has his own page that allows visitors to discover his identity through a photo, its presentation, and a portfolio of tattoos. This way, the prospect can observe the creations of each tattoo artist. So he can quickly know which tattoo artist he want to work with according to his expectations, and the desired tattoo style.

It is also possible to book a tattoo session online. When booking, the usual contact information is requested, but the form also ask you to register your favorite tattoo artist. It is also possible to describe the tattoo you want and to insert photos to properly describe our tattoo expectations.

To conclude, these 5 websites have been meticulously designed to achieve a magnificent result. Everything has been perfectly thought out so that the interface is pleasant, and encourage éSome are even designed to immediately trigger the purchase with an online booking system. Beautiful templates you can use to get started on an online marketing strategy.