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“Web to store” strategy : decoding for your beauty salon

If it was a belief that the Internet harmed small businesses, the reality is today that the web can also be a significant asset to them. And it is this, from a marketing point of view, that is the web to store. We will tell you about all of the processes, deployed via your website, intended to attract Internet users to your beauty salon.

1. Web to store : definitions and explanations

The term web to store actually covers two distinct but similar issues:

First, the marketing strategy consists of using the website to drive users to visit your beauty salon; but also plays on a consumer's tendency to search online before making a store purchase.

Today, many consumers seek out a lot of information online before finalizing a purchase. The goal is to save time and to obtain reliable information from different sources on a product or service.

Thus, the web-to-store, as a marketing strategy, basically comes down to adapting to this new type of demand by satisfying the needs and expectations of the customer.

2. Web to store : what are the advantages for your salon?

As you can see, the website associated with your beauty salon becomes a marketing tool. It allows you to find new customers, to target diverse and broad audiences: those who, without the web, would not necessarily have discovered you.

But, taking advantage of the web to store uses is also a way to retain existing customers by diversifying your offers and services. The web to store processes constitute a new kind of marketing medium, allowing businesses to offer personalized services and take into account the individuality of their clients.

But the first advantage is this: by inviting a user to visit your salon following the use of one of the web to store devices, your chances of seeing them buy a second product or make another appointment increase considerably!

For a beauty professional, it is both about saving time and establishing with the client (before they come to your salon) a positive and trusting environment.

3. Web to store” strategies put into practice for your beauty salon

a. Click and collect offers : trust and speed

This is one of the most popular features for consumers. The principle is simple: the customer orders online and then picks up their product in your salon. Not only does this allow you to expand your customer base, for example by attracting people who buy their cosmetics elsewhere, but it also helps to establish a dialogue and a relationship of trust, thus encouraging these new customers to return.

Alongside click and collect goes the ability to make appointments online. Here ease, speed and comfort of the customer are combined! But it is also, for a beauty salon, a way to gain time and money.

b. Product locator : a precision tool

This is a device that allows customers to search for a product and its availability. The tool is particularly useful in the case where you are managing several beauty salons. But it can also be useful in order to let your visitors know about the availability of your products.

Be warned, setting up a product locator system on your website requires rigorous stock management and also means arming yourself with a concrete information system. Make sure the orders are ready when your customer arrives!

c. Information devices : proximity and knowledge

The virtual tour system is another feature popular with Internet users that can really make the difference for your beauty salon. You film your facilities (treatement rooms, well-being spaces, etc.) and invite your visitors to take a tour around. It’s ideal for attracting new customers to your salon!

It is also possible to do the same thing with the products on offer: a virtual showroom. Show them off, their benefits, their packaging, textures, colors, etc.

d. Drive-to-store : An offer for every customer

The term drive-to-store refers to promotions, gift vouchers and other vouchers available online (e.g. voucher in exchange for a newsletter subscription) which are designed to encourage your customers to visit your salon.

Offer a 10% discount to new clients, a free eyebrow waxing for any appointment made online or a complimentary product with the purchase of a gift certificate. The options are numerous!

Web-to-store strategies respond to changes in buying behavior and allow local businesses to adapt to them. Today we are really talking about a cross-channel shopping journey: ecommerce is a second life for your beauty salon. But, setting up a web-to-store marketing strategy requires above all a quality website. That’s why Heek invite you to create a site specifically designed for and tailored to the needs of beauty, health and well-being businesses.