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Best 3 software to create logos

With a business activity that is going well, you will need to start thinking about designing a logo to brand your image. But how should you go about this essential step? If you don't want to hire a professional graphic designer, there are other professional options out there. Here we offer a chance to discover the best software to create logos in the market so that you don't have to wonder what software to use to create a logo.

Why create your own logo?

A logo helps clients and visitors to quickly identify a product or business. It’s an important graphic representation of your business that allows you to brand your image and sell or communicate on your product or service online and offline. Your logo should be simple, memorable, versatile and relevant.


Logomakr.com lets you create your own logo online with a very simple method thanks to its minimalist and easy-to-handle interface. Without any hassle, you can arrive directly onto their tool and discover 3 options (Texts, Shapes and Colors) right there at your disposal to let your imagination run. Bonus point: there is also a search engine to help you find all sorts of icons available for your logo’s creation.
You can then either pay $19 for your logo or get it for free by sharing it on social networks. A very honest deal.


GraphicSprings is a high-performance software that helps your create your logo online. You can access a number of customizations that won’t cease to surprise you. It allows you to filter logos according to your field, and thus gain valuable time to find a logo design that will match your expectations perfectly. What’s more, GraphicSprings lets you invest a sum of money so that a person from their team can create a logo meeting to your requirements. For those that want to give it a go, you can create you own logo for free. Try it and you might love it.


If you absolutely want a personalized logo, we recommend choosing Logoshi. Indeed, this online logo creation software will take over much of the necessary work. It’s enough to just quickly draw what you want as a logo, put in your company’s name, and Logoshi will give you the logo it creates for you. You’ll get a very professional looking logo.

Hiring a graphic designer

After having tested these three software to create your logo online, you may still find yourself stuck. Another solution is available. You can hire a professional, specifically a graphic designer. There are many freelancers on the market, and they’d be happy to take your order. Using professional software, they can make you a completely unique, original logo that meets all your requirement. Make sure to budget around $150 to $500 for this type of service.