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The importance of social media and its advantages for SMBs

It is clear that social media has completely changed the world of marketing and communication. These changes, however radical they may be, can be beneficial to your small business! We’ll explain what advantages social networks offer for your small business and especially how to make the most of them!

1. Increased visibility for your small business

Before social networks, it was difficult - for small companies especially - to gain visibility. A small business often has a limited budget to devote to its communication and marketing. Thus, apart from word-of-mouth and inserts in local newspapers, little advertising material was available.

Social networks and their millions of users now offer countless options in order to increase visibility. For example, it is possible to cross borders and reach all types of audiences, regardless of the size of your business.

If an internet user talks about your company on social media it allows you to touch his entire network, and so on...

This increasing visibility also allows you to target new customers and not focus your advertising on just one type of well-defined population.

Our litte extra: The majority of social media allows you to implement extra targeted campaigns at reasonable prices, do not hesitate to take advantage of this. See also Our best tips to promote your small business via Facebook.

2. Increased availability

Social media is the basis of immediate actions and connections. They allow you to show that you are 24/7 available, even if you are not. Social networks offer you customer service support with unrivaled functionality!

Indeed, communicating with your customers has never been easier or cheaper. Social networks allow you to respond quickly, manage conflicts, inform or troubleshoot.

To go a little further, your displayed availability is a testament to your SMB's ability to manage customer relations. It's proof of your professionalism that helps increase your credibility and therefore the popularity of your small business. Only positives, then!

Our litte extra: It is important to choose the social media you will be using based on your marketing objectives and using each of them efficiently. For customer relationship management, feel free to use Twitter, but if and only if you have enough time to devote to it.

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3. A better understanding of your customers

Social media is therefore millions of users worldwide, but it is mainly quantities of data exchanged and circulating every day.

So you potentially have access to everything that is said about you, your services, your products, your skills, etc. A niche of valuable information, which was almost impossible to access before the entry of social media and networks and their forum features.

This data information allows you to better know your customers or even your potential clients. It is an opportunity to discover and analyze their reviews, thoughts and their expectations. This information will enable you to offer more and more tailored services.

Our litte extra: The best way to know your customers and all other visitors who visit your social media page is to carry out a regular audit of these. Facebook Insights is one of those tools, directly integrated to the media of the same name, helping you carry out an audit of your page. It is easy to use and offers you a detailed analysis.

4. Improved understanding of your direct and indirect competition

Social media is nothing but a window to the world around you, and therefore to your competitors. Obviously, knowledge is the best asset for a company, and it is access to this knowledge that social networks offer.

Competitive intelligence allows you to refine your knowledge of the market in which your small business is deployed and therefore to adapt to you in a more efficient way. Social media gives you access to services, products, testimonials related to your competitors, and much more.

Our litte extra: In order to carry out a competitive intelligence, you must first (if not already) identify your main competitors and then define the points to be monitored. We suggest using for example Keyhole, which allows you to follow the activity around a hashtag, an account or a keyword on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.