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Your SMB on social media: 4 strategic ways to use them effectively

Being present on social media networks is a clear way to boost your visibility and by extension, your turnover. But obviously it's not that simple, and you need to know how to use Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. That's why we’ll break down the functioning of social networks and deliver 4 basic rules for efficient use.

1. Don't choose any social media

Our first rule regarding the use of social media is to choose the most relevant ones to be present on.

Indeed, if you want an online presence to effectively serve your business interests, you must choose the social network that best suits to your needs.

Your first task is to define the goals you want to achieve when creating a profile page on social media. But before you decide which social media is best for your business, there are a number of questions worth answering. For example, ask yourself who your target audience is and what their favorite social networks are. For more information, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated article, explaining in detail, how to choose from existing social networks.

2. Be active and consistent

Whatever social media network(s) you choose to promote your small business, they will only be useful if you are active.

You need to publish, comment and share your content regularly. A presence on Instagram or on LinkedIn offers many advantages (better referencing for your website for example), but only if you invest in it.

But being active does not just mean publishing a tweet or a video each day, it is also and above all, a means to maintain a privileged link with your fans and followers, etc. Any good social networking instructions will only advise you to always respond to the comments and concerns that are left to you.

We also advise you to join active groups, networks or communities. It is simply a matter of participating in the life of the chosen social media.

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3. Quality over quantity

It is worth repeating it over and over again: quality over quantity is a fundamental rule to follow. Creating an account on a social media is absolutely useless if you publish content full of mistakes, unrelated to your business or is in an inappropriate format.

It is essential to define what is right for you and your small business. In all cases, effective content is content that combines quality, originality and personalization. To do this, you need to identify your target audience and publish according to their expectations and interests. This applies both to the content of the post and to its format (video, image, audio, gif, text). Also, avoid only commercially-oriented shares or failures. You should prefer to put forward your know-how, which will give you credibility, visibility, notoriety and ultimately, a return on investment.

Also think about adding a call to action in your publications, including links to your website.

Finally, when publishing information or images, check your sources and verify that you have the rights to publish the content in question. Good knowledge of the rules surrounding intellectual property is a guarantee of your professionalism.

In short, optimizing your presence on social networks requires that you share the most relevant content possible.

4. Monitor performance to improve: a rule that can not be ignored

Our 4th rule is about monitoring your presence on social media on a regular basis and with statistics. This is an unavoidable step for your page or profile to be effective; your bad and good points need to be highlighted in order to correct them.

The audit allows you to refine your web communication strategy and possibly restructure it. It is also interesting, once the audit is done, to make a comparison with your most popular competitors on the web.

Note that some social networks offer their own plug-ins to perform a detailed audit. For example, Facebook offers a detailed overview of your statistics with Facebook Insights. Otherwise, there are many software and tools that do this (free and paid).

Our 4 golden rules, a kind of social networking manual, should allow you to ask yourself the right questions to start creating your page or profile with ease. Take time to think things through to refine your social media strategy!