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How to attract more clients to your website

You’re probably asking yourself what’s the use of your website, especially if it doesn’t increase visits to your business. We'll go through 4 steps to do for your website to help you attract more clients to your business quickly.

Be visible on Google Maps

You may wonder what the connection between your website, Google Maps, and your shop is. Well, it’s quite simple! By signing up on Google Maps you’ll have the chance to include a direct link to your website, helping you get more visitors. Don’t forget to indicate your presence on Google Maps on your website. This lets client locate your shop, realize if it is nearby, etc. You can read more in this article.

Showcase exclusive deals

Your website will help you attract new customers to your shop, if you put everything in place for this to happen. To do so, we suggest publishing directly on your site promotions available in your shop. Don’t hesitate to invite potential clients to come to your shop if they want to enjoy the deals and even have them print out a coupon for a great offer for their next purchase at your establishment and thus encourage their return.

Thus your potential clients will feel special with this coupon only valid for purchases at your store. They will be motivated to return regularly to your website to profit from a good offer… a great loyalty tool.

Regular publications

If you have a website you need to realize that it’s a wonderful tool. A professional website is an excellent way to communicate your business and activities. It also allows you to stay in contact with your clients and potential clients.

We recommend you create one or several pages dedicated to your products or services. Regularly update your new products, information or services available to motivate your potential clients to visit your business. Also publish information on your products or services, their use, tips and tricks, promotions, sales, etc. Your website must make the client want to take the time to go to your place of business.

Also, regularly inform your social media about any new content and after some time even your old content to give those who might’ve missed it a second chance and give your content a second life.

Attractive design

A visual and attractive design is important for your website’s presentation. Your website must reflect the image you wish to communicate about your business. Your site must make your potential and current clients to visit it, but also incite curiosity in order to motivate a visit to your store.

We recommend publishing some photos of your store, of your aisles or the front. All the photos must be professional so don’t hesitate to hire a professional.