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4 ways to find new content ideas for your SMB website

In order for your site to efficiently serve your SMB’s interest it’s important that it be regularly updated. To do so, we’ve seen, it’s helpful to reuse old content, but it’s also necessary to create new content. Here are 4 tools to help you find new content ideas for your SMB site.

1. Quora: the discussion site

Quora is a collaborative and interactive platform. It is a space for discussion where each user can ask questions and obtain answers. In short, it is a place for sharing and get help. It has more than 200 million visitors per month and is available in several languages ​​(English and French included).

The site offers the option to classify the discussion subject by topic. Thus, you can find categories like: entrepreneurship, small businesses, etc.

Obviously, it is not a site made for small businesses wishing to create content for their website by bringing in new content, but it does offer several possibilities. For example, you can discover interesting topics for Internet users, but also ask a question directly related to your concerns. The answers are usually good quality.

2. Answer the public: the keyword research analysis tool

Answer the public is a free online tool that lets you discover what questions internet users are asking regarding a certain expression. The idea is as follows: you enter a keyword and Answer the public generates in a matter of seconds all the expressions used on the internet relating to that subject, in the form of questions. What’s more, the website lets you filter research by country (13 available countries).

We tested it, the goal being to explain to you how this tool can be useful to finding new content ideas for your SMB site. Imagine we’re at the head of a small company selling gardening tools. We have entered the keyword “gardening tools”. Answer the public then offers 77 questions. We can see many are related to safe use of tools. Thus, you can make a video tutorial on how to properly use each or each tool. It can be interesting to do so since we learned it’s one of the most researched phrases on Google.

3. Hubspot

Hubspot is a platform, available in several languages, offering a handful of softwares designed to improve website marketing. But here, we’re only interested in one of its features, namely: Blog Topic Generator.

It is actually a tool that, based on the keywords entered, offers a list of topics and popular titles. Here too we did a test to explain how the platform really works. By entering "gardening", then "tool", Hubspot offered us 5 title idea. For example, "20 myths about gardening". It can be a true source of inspiration that will save you time when creating new content for your SMB's website.

4. Social networks

Social networks bring together such a large number of users that they are formidable tools, even for SMBs. Their international reach and popularity make them an ideal tool for any company looking for content ideas for its website.

Take the example of facebook. Whatever your field of activity, it may be worthwhile to visit the pages of your competitors and observe customer comments and other reviews. Their questions, concerns and expectations can help you develop new content, both in substance and in form.

By now you got it, creation takes time and usually requires a certain budget. But the 4 tools presented here allow you to find new content and thus optimize your small business’ website while saving up! To save time and increase your efficiency, do not hesitate to consult our website editing offers.