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Event planning checklist for SMBs

Whether it’s planning an evening party or a Facebook event, you must plan everything in advance in order to make your event a perfect one and make it important for your business. Let’s discover the necessary steps to make your event impeccable with this event planning checklist.

Define your goals

The first step in your event planning is to look at your goals and objectives. You must above all define the objective of your event by answering the following three questions: What? Who? Why? To answer the questions fully, this is what you should think about before jumping into event planning:

Pay close attention to the answer you provide for your target guests. Indeed, your event will be organized around this answer because your choices must be made accordingly, so that your peers feel at ease.

The place and date

You will choose a place and date based on who you will be inviting, too. If you wish to connect with teenagers, you should opt for an event during the school calendar or a weekend. If you target is an older generation, the date won’t matter much. Think this point through. Concerning the place, you shouldn’t organize it too far from your target audience. Too far a distance could dissuade people.

Communicate your event

In order to give your guests time to get to your event, it should be well communicated beforehand. We recommend anticipating this step so you measure the impact of your communication.

Tell your clients about it as soon as possible and highlight it in your business’ strategic places, and online. You will have to go for help on social networks and also create an attractive newsletter. Don’t hesitate to organize the event through your Facebook page. Just create the event online. You can also release a small ad on your page to gain visibility and boost your advertising.

During the event, don’t hesitate to share pictures and videos of what’s happening and to react to comments made by internet users. Your followers will be thrilled to follow live and interact with you.

An impeccable follow-up

Now that your event has gone smoothly, you can take advantage of it. To do so, don’t hesitate to invite the new people you met to your social media. Try to go see your clients to ask for their opinion on the event. Create an album on social media, like on Facebook, where all the photos can be published as souvenirs.