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5 things to do and not to do when creating a website for your SMB

Creating a website for your SMB can be quite complex when the ever-increasing opinions about what to do and what not to do conflict. Designing a website that meets the needs of your small business requires know-how and discipline. So, we've compiled a list of recommendations to follow and mistakes to avoid.

1. Neglecting to develop a marketing strategy

A well-designed website is the product of a good marketing strategy. So, before jumping into the creative process, define your objectives by asking yourself the right questions at the right time.

Here are some important preliminary questions:

Answering these questions will help you develop your search engine optimization and outline some basic ideas about the global vision for your website. Only after you have defined your site's goals can you go on to develop quality content.

2. Trusting the construction of your site to the first provider that comes along

Finding the perfect provider may seem nearly impossible. However, you shouldn't trust the job to just anyone. The multitude of solutions and offers available can make deciding difficult. For example, should you go with an online editor, a web developer, or a freelancer?

Look for a solution that is adapted to your project. Choose your provider according to your objectives, budget, and technical know-how.

High quality websites designed by professional developers can often cost many thousands of dollars. On the other hand, if a multinational company is simply taking the next step toward developing some special features and a specific design, that may not be the case.

But, if you want to create a simple showcase site and have a limited budget, a website builder is perhaps your best option. Furthermore, if this is your first venture into the world of website creation, starting with this type of site would allow you to become familiar with web language.

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3. Putting off search engine optimization until later

One of the most common errors people make is delaying search engine optimization until after their website is built.

As the owner of a small business, you probably operate within the local market. So, your primary goal is to increase your company's visibility. To do this, a search engine optimization strategy must be in place from the first steps in the website creation process.

Poor search engine optimization at the start could have disastrous long-term consequences. Every detail counts when it comes to search engine optimization.

4. Failing to plan for the long term

Avoid pessimism! Build your website believing that your small business will evolve, that you will achieve the goals you've set for yourself.

For example, if you foresee using your website to access international markets, plan for a multilingual site. Develop a website that is ready to easily integrate such changes. You certainly don't want to have to start from scratch every six months.

Likewise, ask yourself if you intend to manage your business' website yourself over the long term. If not, you may want to take advantage of a CMS site. Once again, it is best to make this decision at the beginning of the creation process.

5. Neglecting to establish a schedule

Whether you use a website builder, like Heek, or hire a web developer, the first thing you should do is establish a schedule. Planning ahead will help you keep track of exactly how the site construction is progressing and when eventual updates should occur.

Additionally, it is recommended that you not publish your content all at once, especially if your site includes a blog. Set publication dates ahead of time. In short, be organized. Leave nothing to chance!

Building a website is an excellent way to grow and add value to your small business. The 5 sound practices presented here are not, of course, a guarantee of success, but they can help guide you through the web universe as you build a high-quality website for your small business.