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Our 5 tips & tools to optimize your SMB’s online presence

An online presence or e-reputation refers to online visibility. This is essential for all small businesses. But optimizing your online presence should be part of a global web strategy. Many points should be reflected on. Here are 5 tips to help your SMB gain online visibility.

1. Youseemii: the online presence measurement tool

Optimizing your online presence assumes you must measure it to begin with.

Discover here a simple and fast functioning tool, made to measure online presence. Just enter your business’ name and Youseemii will post your results. These are separated into categories: web, social media, shares on social networks and media. From there, you can obtain a “visibility index” for each of these 4 categories.

To better understand this visibility index, let’s take for example: media. This category takes into account Youtube, the App Store, Dailymotion and others. To calculate your score on Youtube, the tool weighs the number of videos by the number of views and likes/dislikes. For the App Store, it takes into account the number of applications and so on.

The lower the visibility index, the more “discreet” your online presence is. This result lets you discover what points you can improve: either your social network presence, or your site’s SEO, etc.

2. QuickSprout: analyzing your SEO

Optimizing your website’s online presence invariably must go consider optimizing your SEO. This is easier said than done. Many small business executives are quickly lost and don’t know where to start.

This is where QuickSprout comes in, a formidable tool in charge of analyzing certain elements in a website that participate directly to its SEO.

This online software is so easy to use, and it’s free. The principle is simple: input your URL and the platform does the rest. It analyzes the titles (page titles and homepage), the metadescriptions, the subheadings and the links.

What’s interesting is that the software works in any target language. It is an excellent tool for those who aren’t familiar with SEO. The final objective being to increase your visibility and therefore your traffic.

3. Startuplister: your visibility tool

Startuplister is a promotional platform. It helps you promote your small business’ name and story on more than 50 websites.

First, you’ll be asked to present your SMB, by answering some questions about it. Based on your work area and other information, Startuplister signs you up for an online directory, where professionals in the same field can contact you.

It’s possible to do the same thing with web journalists dealing with companies operating in your sector. Then, the site helps you contact these journalists through a short written presentation. It’s a great social visibility tool.

4. Multiplying online support

One of the best ways to optimize your online presence is obviously to be more visible via multiple supports. But beware, it’s not about doing everything. It’s not useful to create a website, a Facebook account, an Instagram account, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Quantity does not mean quality. It’s important to develop your presence on the right supports.

Creating a website is almost indispensable, if you’re not convinced, you can read 5 advantages of a website for a SMB.Concerning social media, the decision to sign up must be guided by your web strategy.

5. Using social networks

Concretely, any social media can be adapted for professional use.

Facebook, simply by its immense number of users, is a great tool for visibility. Twitter, the social media of instantaneity can constitute a client support tool. Pinterest and Instagram are ideal for image centered publicity.

Choosing which social media to sign up on must also be guided by your target audience and global objectives. For example, LinkedIn offers opportunities for those seeking international partnerships or those doing B2B. Facebook lets you touch a large community while Instagram targets youth, etc.

Increasing your online presence assumes that you defined precise goals. Once this step is overcome, don’t hesitate to try the tools presented above!