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The 5 advantages of creating a website for your SMB

Even today, many executives of small and medium sized businesses find it useless to create a website for their SMB. In most cases, that’s a big mistake! There are so many advantages that you can’t even count them on one hand, we offer you an overview of the main ones!

1. Visibility

The first advantage and none the least: the visibility. The classic promotional media, such as business cards or poster ads have their limits… Actually, they only reach a reduced public: local and punctual. The website, by its nature, is accessible 24/7 and most importantly, from any place (assuming you have an internet connection)!

A website constitutes the best way to give your small business some visibility in the sense where it lets you attract a more important audience without the limits. It’s important to take note that more and more people are using only the internet to research products or services, and this is nowhere near its end.

2. Improving your client relationships

A website is reassuring, it contributes to establishing your small business as serious and professional. In fact, a website in its pre- and post-sale services allows you to prove yourself completely available and thus to efficiently manage a relationship with your client.

Your clients can have access, any time they want something, to the information shared via your website. They can also check their purchase history and actively participate by posting comments and reviews online.

Let’s say you offer household appliances, you can put owner’s manuals online and thus continuously provide technical help services.

All these features contribute to managing a relationship with your clientele and thus develop customer loyalty.

3. Multiplying your sales channels

Equipping your small business with its own website also constitutes an economic advantage. It gives you the option of multiplying your sales channels and thus the number of them. In addition to direct sales, it’s possible to make “indirect” or “by mail” sales! Your website becomes an e-commerce platform. Obviously, it’s possible to develop a simple showcase site without an e-commerce platform, although this wouldn’t offer all the advantages presented above.

Multiplying sales channels allows you to retrospectively position your small business on new channels.

4. Opening new markets

A small business usually operates in its local environment. Thus, even in the case of SMBs, it could be interesting to insert yourself in bigger markets: at a national or even international scale. That’s what a website can help you with through dematerialized objects.

For example, it’s relatively easy to develop a multilingual site to address a larger public.

This opening towards the world can also be a good chance to find new investors or to be contacted by certain media (press, radio, etc.).

5. The website: a wealth of knowledge for your SMB

Lastly, the website and its features, such as the client data base or audit measures provide an incalculable amount of information about the habits and behaviors of internet users.

It’s possible for you to know the amount of visitors (per day, for example), the number of visitors that make a purchase (if any), favorite products, etc. In short, all the information accumulated by the web can help you improve your offer, and thus your turnover!

Creating a website for your small business is not imperative but constitutes today an almost unavoidable step. The advantages are so many that the task can seem scary and arduous. This is why we offer personalized support in the creation of a website for your SMB.