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How to create a Twitter profile for SMB

A twitter profile that works well for your small business needs to be created with thought. Here are a few elemepnts to consider when creating a twitter business profile that is of high quality.

1. Account names and a quality profile

On Twitter, your account name always has this format: @accountname. The profile name can be different from the account name and can be modified as often as you wish. These two elements are highly important. A relevant account and profile name creates visibility and credibility for your small business. They have distinct functions but they are no less complementary.

The profile name is particularly important within the framework of your exchanges, since it’s this one that will be used when your clients or other followers contact you. It will also be the header for each of your tweets or retweets.

It’s often advised to use your name and last name as your account name while your business’ name as the profile name. This configuration allows you to display professionalism while maintaining a human presence, expertise and proximity at the same time.

2. Making the right choices for a profile photo and a background photo

In a more general manner we advise you to choose images and graphics that are clear and of high quality. The profile photo and banner should be coherent (avoid color clashes, visual overload or “playful” photos).

The profile photo is obligatory, it contributes to your small business’ image. We advise you to use your SMB’s logo instead of a photo of you. Its unique design and ability to impact impressions are your best assets to gaining virtual credibility and notoriety.

Regarding your background photo (banner), go simple and make sure that it's related to your work (why not a photo of one of your projects, your work space, etc.) Prioritize your business’ colors, but in a way that doesn’t overshadow your profile picture.

Know that it’s still possible to choose a theme for your profile, in addition to the templates Twitter offers, you can insert one of your creations. It’s also interesting to use your business’ colors (your logo or website).

Our advice: think simplicity and harmony for each of your choices.

3. Presentation/biography: a key element for an efficient Twitter profile

Your Twitter biography is limited to 160 characters and despite its text limitations it is one of the elements, if not the most important element, of your profile.

The idea is simple, you present yourself and your business in a way that incites users’ curiosity, displaying your added value, your expertise, your professionalism, your trustworthiness, etc. In short, many things must be taken into account in these 160 characters.

Because it’s a professional account, it’s preferable to avoid humor, but prove your creativity. We recommend adding keywords related to your work and modeled by those used by your customers/prospects when they want to find you on the internet. Keep in mind that your biography will also be referenced by the search engines. So do not hesitate to ask for advice on this.

Direct your biography keeping in mind your ideal client’s profile, adapt accordingly and offer him the information he needs.

Finally, you can insert a call to action. Knowing you can insert below the link to your website, you can opt for a link to a specific page or your blog for example.

It’s hard to make a miracle happen when creating a Twitter profile… But, little details often make a big difference. Don’t forget that a quality profile is above all a profile created in line with your global communications strategy.