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How to use twitter for effectively for small business

In 2016, Twitter had a user base of over 310 million active users around the world: a dream audience in terms of visibility for your small business! However, the ability to use social networking correctly is not something we are born with, and it’s important to understand how Twitter works and to get to grips with the features that it offers. To help you out, you will find a mini guide in this article discussing the major benefits that Twitter can provide for your business.

1. An immediate message to boost your small business

The first thing that you need to understand is that Twitter’s greatest strength is the immediacy of its messages. The principle is straightforward: we publish our own messages (as long as they’re no more than 140 characters) and have the option to share the tweets of other users (“retweeting”).

This immediacy, and the consequent speed with which messages can spread, is a huge boost for small businesses. First and foremost, Twitter becomes the ideal platform for managing customer relationships. It allows you to engage in dialog, answer questions, and informs your customer base, all within a few minutes. Indeed, it’s really easy to get users’ attention and to create close relationships with them.

However, be careful: while immediacy presents a clear benefit, it can also become a burden. In fact, if Twitter is going to help your SMB be more visible, it can only do so if you remain highly active on the platform. A weekly tweet is of no interest to anyone, and taking two hours to respond to one of your customers could quickly lose business for you. It is therefore important to post relevant content on a frequent basis.

2. A social network with few barriers: a benefit for your SMB

Unlike Facebook, Twitter is a social network with few barriers, which means that it’s extremely easy to become part of anyone’s network, to follow highly influential users, and so on.

This network’s characteristic can help you to improve your visibility and your online reputation very quickly.

Twitter provides you with the ability to monitor your competition and to watch and learn from the communications strategies that your competitors implement.

In parallel, we recommend that you join networks of businesses that complement your own, which exist within the same sector and which are highly influential on Twitter. Imagine that you are a restorer of old buildings in Paris: it’s highly likely that the followers of Parisian antique dealers will be interested in your services – in which case, hurry up and join their networks!

3. Advertising via Twitter

Twitter offers three ways for your business to advertise. We’ve chosen to focus on two of them, which are most relevant to your SMB.

As far as the costs of Twitter advertising campaigns are concerned, you should be aware that they are not fixed and depend on both your budget and your goals.
Let’s imagine, for example, that you are launching a campaign with the goal of increasing the number of followers. If so, you’ll be billed each time you gain a new follower – no other actions will come at a charge. Meanwhile, the cost for each new follower will be established based on an auction system with a maximum value being defined by your budget.

In view of its unique characteristics, Twitter can become a great platform to increase your business’s presence online. Following on from our explanation of the benefits of this social network, we’d like to suggest that you learn how to create a high quality Twitter profile for your SMB.