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Top 4 best blogs for entrepreneurs

Blogs can be very beneficial for entrepreneurs and small business owners. There are a number of entrepreneur blogs out there and great blogs that gather useful insights which can give you a number of important tips to help you develop your small business. Here is a list of the best blogs for small business owners and entrepreneurs online.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel's blog was created by an online marketing professional. He is also the creator of several startups that are currently really successful. Currently a millionaire, his goal was to create an blog that would have 100,000 monthly visitors for a year, and he has achieved his goal. On this entrepreneur blog, you will find several tips to increase your website’s traffic quickly and efficiently. He also does not hesitate to share multiple tips to increase your sales or on how to avoid working long hours to acquire new customers.


CopyBlogger is an American blog created by Brian Clark. If you have a website as an entrepreneur, you must know the importance of your site’s written content, and all the effects this can have on your turnover. CopyBlogger shares with you many tricks on how to write your online content, and when to write it, etc. It is therefore an ideal blog for all small business owners, freelancers or entrepreneurs who want to create their own corporate blog and don't know where to start.


Contently is a blog that was created to help all business leaders with strategies they want to adopt. In this blog, it is very easy to find relevant, professional and strategic articles dealing with content, insights and analysis. You will be able to easily discover how your customer’s brain will react to different marketing content, for example. Very interesting articles helping you discover several points on marketing, and will also allow you to adopt the right marketing strategy for your company. It's especially useful for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Social Media Examiner

As you probably know, social networks and social media are very beneficial for your business and for its development. Social Media Examiner will help you discover many professional articles focused on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or even Snapchat. This can allow an entrepreneur or a small business owner to discover new ideas for social media in order to implement a highly effective e-marketing strategy.