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The best social media marketing practices on social networks

Social networks are an indispensable resource to the marketing strategy of your small business. But as we often repeat, they are only effective when a clear strategy is established according to your goals. Here we explain the best social marketing practices to adopt today!

1. Social marketing practice: coherent and comprehensive communication

Social networks are just one aspect of the media you use to promote your small business. The strategy that you choose to adopt on social media must be considered as a part of your global marketing approach.

The marketing operations that you want to deploy need to be consistent with operations that you do, whether that is in your shop or service, on your website, through postal mail etc. With this in mind, it is important that your social media communication is aligned with the identity and strategic positioning of your small business.

We advise you to choose, for example, a graphic design chart that will be applied to each of the media you use for your communications. It may also be interesting to integrate (by adapting) the most popular posts on your blog. All of the communication media used must complement each other.

The key to success lies in a coherent identity that is distributed harmoniously through all the media that is used.

2. A concrete social media strategy

Marketing actions on social media networks need to have a clearly defined strategy and developed according to specific criteria in order to be as efficient as possible.

To this end, we advise you to:

The implementation of a social media strategy not only tells you what and when to publish, but also lets you adapt over time and events (if, for example, your promotion does not have the expected results).

3. A quality social page / profile

Your basic tool in social marketing is your page or profile. This is similar to an identity or business card for your small business. It is therefore important that it be as informative as possible.

Your profile must be built according to the objectives defined above and your overall communication strategy. Some specific elements must be taken into account:

To get an idea of ​​the criteria to be studied in particular when creating a page on social networks, we invite you to discover How to create the ideal profile on Twitter.

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4. The rules of “content marketing”

Promoting your small business on social media is to market it through the publication of content in multiple forms (text, video, image, etc.). It is therefore essential to publish quality content.

But what is quality content? It is obviously content that respects the rules of the language used to convey your message, but it is above all content that captures the target audience and that is adapted to it. You already understand why we were talking about the need to define your objectives precisely ...

Among our best tips:

5. Conduct a regular audit

The main practice of social marketing is to regularly audit your “performances” on social networks. This is essential for optimizing your page or profile, your content, and your advertising campaigns. You have to know what works best.

The audit assumes, of course, that you analyze the traffic of your social page or profile. But more than this, it's also about analyzing the impact of your keywords, the publication formats your users prefer, and so on.

It is also a question of asking about the use of social networks by your competitors. Which ones do they prefer? What objectives do they fulfill? This should help inspire you to optimize the page of your SMB.

Social media marketing is therefore primarily about reflection, analysis and patience!