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Our top 6 tools for unearthing the latest digital trends and feeding your SMB website with content.

Keeping a website up-to-date with relevant content can quickly become a herculean task. Happily, a large number of tools are now available which, as well as inspiring you, can help you to reach a conclusion in relation to the hottest trending topics (i.e., trendspotting). Although these tools are often loved by online marketing managers, they are also a blessing for small businesses.

1. Trend Hunter

Trend Hunter is an absolute gem: it’s a trendspotting community, where you’ll find some of the hottest topics of the moment in the form of articles broken down by categories such as business, fashion, tech, and culture.

The primary benefit of a tool such as this is the fact that you can view their relative popularity, in the form of their virality levels, for instance. Other information available includes details of the audiences that are most responsive to each topic, in terms of their socioeconomic and demographic profile and country.

2. Springwise

The principle behind Springwise is fairly similar to that which inspired Trend Hunter: trendspotters are tasked with unearthing the web’s hottest trending topics.

Once again, digital trends and other viral content is broken down into category, though the main interface is a powerful search tool. Moreover, you can discover the latest trends and innovations in each country, with 190 to choose from.

This is a high-end tool and the rates reflect that, with charges between $45 and $210 to take advantage of Springwise’s range of customized services.

3. Whatstrending

Whatstrending is a tool that is similar to the two mentioned above, except that it only focuses on the most viral social networking content. This tool is completely free-of-charge, and also offers categories and themes such as “cute” “inspiring” “entertainment” and so on.

Whatstrending is a bit more general in its interests and is not necessarily ideal for use in a professional context. Nevertheless, it may be of interest to SMB website operators, for instance if you maintain a blog.

4. Wordtracker

Wordtracker is a completely different tool from those mentioned above; however, it does also enable you to find out about the hottest trending topics on the web, albeit in a somewhat more roundabout way.

Simply enter a keyword and the platform will offer you a list of expressions that are most searched for in the context of that keyword. The bonus is that it allows you to carry out a search in any language or any country.

If, for instance, you enter a keyword that relates to your business or the types of products and services that you offer, you can find out which are the keywords that are most frequently entered into search engines in connection with that keyword.

5. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is an absolute goldmine: it allows you to discover the most popular and influential content, once again in the context of a particular keyword.

Once the term has been entered into the search bar, the platform gives you the option of discovering the most viral content as well as finding out how popular it is on social networks.

You can filter your search by language, country, sector, or content type.

Although these functions can be accessed free of charge, expect to pay a monthly subscription fee between $79 and $559 for detailed analysis of the popularity of particular subjects or content.

6. Product Hunt

Product Hunt, as its name suggests, lists the latest trending products, as well as the most popular websites, startups, and other applications.

Like the others, the site is highly interactive, because each user is free to ask questions of the other users.

This tool is of particular interest for those working in the tech sector.

7. How does this benefit the website of an SMB or micro-enterprise?

None of the tools listed above is of any benefit unless it is used correctly. There’s no point in picking up on the first topic that attracts the most likes and then writing an entire page about it on your small business’s website.

Obviously, it’s all about the sector in which your business operates. It’s up to you to select the trending topics and subjects that are most relevant to your particular offering, then to incorporate them into your site intelligently.

Finally, trendspotting tools must be considered as a source of inspiration to help you to refine your marketing and communications strategy by selecting the hottest trending topics that relate to your own business.