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The key points to consider when creating and managing a website for your SMB

You oversee a small business and would like to create and learn to manage a website for your commerce, but you don’t know how? We will list and review the main key points to keep in mind when creating and then managing your website efficiently.

1. General ergonomics of the site

An SMB website must above all have a simple and efficient interface. It’s important that your users can intuitively navigate the site in order to quickly find all the desired information.

The key to simple navigation lies, among others, in the tree-like structure of the website. Even though it’s a relatively simple technique, it’s important that you seize the general principle. Let’s say the site’s arborescence is its structure (sections and subsections, etc.) It must be clear; the information must be correctly categorized. It must be easy to go from one page to the other and above all this jump must be logical and thought-out.

What’s more, even if it represents an additional expense, it’s preferable to use your own domain name. This facilitates your clients’ internet search and contributes to your site’s SEO.

Don’t hesitate to involve those close to you, ask them about their navigation experience when they visit your website.

2. Content quality

Here we’re talking about written as well as graphic content. They must be good quality (spelling, syntax, topics, etc.)

Make sure that you don’t become too scattered in your content choice. Avoid superfluous subjects that have nothing to do with your services. Avoid garish colors and other coarse or unaesthetic designs.

Your graphic layout should be unique and original so that it attracts the internet user’s attention. Graphic design is an excellent way to imprint your products or brand in their memory. This happens essentially through the use of an impacting and unique logo.

To learn more about this particular point, you can read our article specifically explaining how to produce quality content for your SMB’s website.

3. A website adapted for smartphones

We also suggest you provide a mobile version of your website. Taking into account the number of users and opportunities offered by smartphones, this customization is indispensable!

As the executive of a SMB, your goal, through the creation of a website is to increase your visibility, to make your commerce and related information accessible. Being able to access the site 24/7 from a smartphone can only be good for you!

You should also know that your site’s mobile compatibility improves your SEO.

However, it’s possible to create an “adaptive design”, in other words, one platform that can be consulted from a computer or a smartphone/tablet. All sites created by Heek are developed according to the standards of “responsive design”.

4. Regular site updates

Now we’re finally on website management. Even though the creation of a web platform is a great way to establish professionalism and expertise, it still needs to be regularly updated. Take some time every week to check out your website. Navigate through it to ensure that there aren’t any bugs.

The regular monitoring of a website involves taking audience measures. Following the audience allows not only to you to get to know your clientele, their needs and opinions, but also to optimize your site afterwards. To this end, there are many free high-performance tools available, such as Google Analytics.

5. A well-defined communication strategy

Other than the 4 points listed above, it’s very important to have a clear and concise communications strategy. Creating and managing a quality website assumes that you know what its purpose is. Like any tool, a website won’t serve your business if it’s not used correctly.

So, it’s useful to ask yourself certain questions:

Creating a website for an SMB is a complex task. It’s enough to be equipped with the right information to make it accessible to all and be marvelously successful! Heek seeks to simplify your work and accompany you helping you create your custom SMB website.