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How much does it cost to make a website for your SMB?

There are many articles listing all the costs involved in creating a website. Our goal here is different. We’d like to present the elements you need to take into account in order to evaluate these costs. The idea being that there is no such thing as the perfect budget to create a website for a SMB, everything depends on the purpose of your project and your ideas for its development.

1. The factors that play a part in defining the cost of a SMB website

The price of a website obviously depends on the type of website you want to put up online. Thus, it’s necessary, before launching, to learn what factors play a role in defining website prices:

An example: a showcase site is more accessible in terms of pricing than e-commerce. But your choice depends on your site’s function.

2. Multiples fees

In every case, defining the cost of a website assumes you’ve considered the related costs, not only creation fees, but also management and maintenance fees.

Indeed, once your small business website has been developed, you must set apart a monthly budget dedicated to cover the management fees. Among these you might find hosting fees mentioned above, but also SEO optimization fees and updating fees (bug correction, security, etc.)

It’s quite tricky to calculate these fees and it’ll depend on your chosen solution (web agency, site editor or freelancer). This said, your SMB’s website maintenance fees will vary between a few dollars and a few hundred dollars every month.

3. Web agencies: delegating is expensive

Web agencies provide high quality services. They offer a large quantity of services (web creation and development, community management, communication, SEO, etc.).

But because they are proven experts, their services and rates are usually too high for SMBs and small businesses. Indeed, they’re convenient for large business or multinationals who want to equip themselves with a web portal that sometimes comprises more than 500 pages and they have the human resources necessary to use it all!

Another small inconvenience: once a website is developed by an agency, it’s complicated to make the changes yourself, the computer language used is often too complex and there is the big that you might make it worse.

The global cost of making a website for your small business, via a web agency, varies according to different factors mentioned above and is thus difficult to evaluate. However, you can account for something in between $5,000 and $40,000 for a complete service.

4. Website editors: the attraction of Do It Yourself

When we say website editor, we mean a website creation tool that’s entirely online.

This solution isn’t appropriate for large sites or web portals, but it is ideal for SMBs.

It’s an all-in-one service, website editors offer: domain name, website creation and hosting. All for free, or for a few euros/dollars a month if you choose more elaborate services.

This website creation and maintenance solution is also ideal for the beginners among you, who might not know much about programming or coding. You can easily modify the site content. What’s more, the (security) updates are often automatically done.

But finding the right option among so many remains a difficult question. Heek is an innovative website editor available on the market since it uses an intelligent robot who can quickly create your SMB’s website. The features offered by Heek are many and especially conceived for small businesses. For example, one of the features lets you create a menu for your restaurant.

The fact is simple: creating a website for your small business can be (almost) free but can also cost several tens of thousands of dollars. It's up to you to choose the solution that best suits your goals. Heek, a quality editor remains an excellent tool for you to start with!