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Create a powerful newsletter

Customer loyalty is not so obvious and the newsletter is a valuable ally to maintain the link. In this article, we invite you to discover all you need to know about the newsletter, and also how to choose what content to integrate.

Why create a newsletter?

The newsletter is an email with informative and commercial content, sent regularly to all the people who have agreed to receive your newsletter. Indeed, the law strictly forbids sending a newsletter to a person who has not requested it. Disseminating a newsletter is therefore first and foremost a way to measure and optimize the commitment of your customers.

The content of your newsletter will inform your subscribers of all the new products and/or services offered by your company. It also allows you to quickly share current promotions and upcoming events. That's why this newsletter will help you retain your customers. Keeping in touch, staying in your field of vision, and keeping your name in mind, the newsletter will slowly bring most of your subscribers to purchase or repeat purchase. It is therefore more than just an instant conversion tool; even if its direct impact is to create traffic to your site and sales, especially when you offer a special offer or promotional code on their future purchases.

Who is the newsletter for?

The newsletter is sent regularly to subscribers, many of whom will already be customers, but not only. If keeping in touch and bringing the recipient to a repeat purchase is the central issue, the newsletter is also aimed at potential customers. The emails are transferred and your subscribers are likely to share the information or offers contained in your newsletter. It is therefore a tool for the word-of-mouth effect so valuable in the development of a business.

The role of the newsletter

As you can see, the goal of a newsletter is to build customer loyalty by driving them back to purchase. To serve this purpose, it has several roles that are important to remember.

These two roles are not always reconcilable in the same newsletter, or even for the same type of subscribers. This is why it is very important to set up mailing lists to which each subscriber will have the opportunity to register. These lists must be logically determined since they must contain coherent sets of subscribers to whom you will assign different suites of emails. Many criteria serve to establish them:

Each business has its own targeting criteria. Who do I sell best? What raises curiosity for my job? What new population do I want to attract? Answering these questions will allow you to see more clearly which mailing lists to create.

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The content of the newsletter

You are now convinced that the newsletter must be an integral part of your digital strategy. You must now take note of the content you need to include.

Here is everything you can put in your newsletter:

Bonus: deliverability

The deliverability of a campaign is the ability of sent emails to arrive in an inbox. If you are too often reported as spam, because you use too aggressive commercial terms like “free”, your deliverability will degrade little by little.

So before sending a campaign, always test your email with this tool. It will indicate the level of dangerousness of your email for your reputation with mailboxes.