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Tips for creating an effective landing page
A key component of your small business website

The landing page is a vital component of your website, being the page where users are directed when they click on a CTA or other links in a search engine. And, as first impressions always count, we’d like to suggest that you take the time to explore how to create effective landing pages to ensure a high-quality website.

1. Create a high-quality landing page: start by thinking things through

Here’s a tip that is valid for any topic that relates to building a website: whenever pages or content are created, you must start by considering everything thoroughly, with that thought process itself being informed by the implementation of a clearly defined strategy.

Creating a landing page is no exception, and the landing page must be brought to fruition as part of a well-thought-out, credible strategy for communications and SEO.

There are two key issues that must be taken into consideration:

The detailed goals for your landing page

You will no doubt appreciate that any page can become a landing page because each page can be targeted with its own set of keywords to be listed in search results.

No matter what, a landing page is designed to encourage a particular action, and therefore, I must be built around that action.

Let’s start by taking the example of a small business with its own one-page showroom site (which, therefore, must fulfill the role of a landing page). Here, the goal may be to raise awareness about your business and to encourage web users to pay you a visit – in person. Your entire page must be designed in such a way to fulfill this role for the kinds of customers you are interested in.

The importance of content

First and foremost, your landing pages must be minimalist in their style and free from any unnecessary information. The message that they convey, and the action that you wish to encourage (e.g., getting users to fill out a form or learn where your business is located) must be at the forefront from the very beginning, with a design that is sufficiently distinctive from the rest of the site, without detracting from it. Opt for a clean design that highlights the text and, above all, the call to action, which should be in a contrasting color or style for better visibility.

The golden rule: the message must be quickly identified and understood within a few seconds.

In relation to creating and editing the text itself, our advice is fairly straightforward: it must explain to your visitors how they will benefit from the action that you are suggesting. Is your aim to encourage them to buy a product? Tell a story about the characteristics and potential benefits of the product in question. Provide as much detail as possible to improve its search engine ranking and to provide your users with more information. Do you want them to give you their e-mail addresses? Explain clearly and honestly what you plan to do with the address and how they benefit as a result, and so on.

There aren’t really any rules in terms of text length. Let’s say that, the more commitment is required from the action you’re seeking to encourage, the denser the text should be so that it can provide all the necessary information. Nevertheless, avoid a “wall of text” that goes on and on. Concise, clear writing remains the order of the day. Web users don’t search: they find things, so give them what they’re looking for as quickly as possible.

A page to say thank you: an often-overlooked element

As we have already discussed, a landing page is put in place to encourage a specific action. As such, once the action has been completed, users should be redirected not to your homepage but to a page that thanks them for their activity. Take the opportunity to have them follow you on social media, introduce them to your blog, or put forward any offers to encourage them to take their visit to the next stage.

Landing pages are a key tool in the conversion process. Heek offers well-thought out, user-friendly interfaces and a clear message, offering the best way to build high-quality landing pages, resulting in a website that effectively serves the interests of your small business.

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