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3 ways to reuse your content to attract backlinks and then internet users towards your SMB website

Maintaining a SMB website is an extremely time-consuming task. While the automation of some processes saves time and money, so does reusing previously published content. And all this without your website or small business losing popularity in addition to working your netlinking. But reusing your outdated content requires the mastery of a few tricks that we will present here.

1. Regularly updating outdated content

Reusing your existing content does not mean copy-pasting old articles or videos. This would have little interest and would seriously hurt your website’s SEO.

What’s more interesting is to take old content (minimum between 6 months or a year old) and update it. Between the time you wrote it and now, some arguments, sites or facts related to your business or not, may have changed and deserve revision. If the bulk of the content can be reused every year, it is important to make some updates (rework the structure, link content to recent news, etc.).

You can then update your release date so it jumps back up to the top of the list in your website/blog, add them to a category of “featured articles”, and above all, share it again on your social media. Treat it as if it were a 100% new and original item. With this new effort, properly pushed, it will surely manage to get clicks.

Also do not forget to update your promotional or seasonal offers, and dated articles such as "2015, the best...". This is essential for a SMB site that relies on content for its SEO, because obsolete content is content that will eventually lose its appeal on search engines.

2. Same content in multiple forms

A well-known saying reminds us that it’s in old pots that one makes the best jams... Understand that when content is successful, it can be interesting to present it in several forms... And there are plenty of options: article, video, computer graphics, podcast, etc.

Let us take the example of a small company, noticing via its website audit that its visitors / customers particularly appreciate practical information (such as a product in context, former customers’ reviews, etc.). It may be interesting, rather than constantly creating new content, to take former clients’ reviews and to stage them in a video or in infographics.

At the same time it can be interesting to gather scattered content from your site and use it to create something new, in a new form.

Not only do these methods save time, but they also make it possible to bet on attractive content so Internet users can appreciate and share it. Win-win situation!

3. Writing with several pens

An excellent way to reuse existing content is to ask a third party for their input.

In cases of articles or PDFs (blog posts, product sheets, etc.), rather than deleting your outdated content, it is interesting to ask another blogger or editor for help to enrich the content in question, whether it be a text or a graphic element.

This is a fairly widespread principle on the web. Often it is an exchange of goods, a blogger (or site manager, graphic designer) contributes to your website and you return the favor.

This is also an advantageous method for linking old content to news, anchoring it in the present and thus attracting more clicks. In addition, it leads to dual-authorship content that can be shared on the social networks of both stakeholders and will allow the contributor to get a link to his site... Only pros.

Remember that reusing content is time and money saved by reducing your need to write or create SEO if you decide to increase your publication pace, in addition to the fact that you will considerably improve its quality over time...