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Five tips to help you transform your website into a genuine showcase for your business

Like an interactive advertisement, a showcase website serves to introduce and present your small business. In fact it performs a function quite similar to a showcase. In other words, it is an inestimable value added to your SMB. Here we explain how to build it to make it as effective and attractive as possible.

The showcase website: an essential business visibility asset

The sole purpose of a showcase website is to serve as a digital extension of your small business. Quite simply, it is the place where you display and provide information about your knowledge and know-how, your products and services, and your history. In brief, it makes your SMB visible and every useful information about you reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The main purpose of a showcase website, in fact, is to encourage web users to come through your door. It is an invitation, a brief (or fairly brief) demonstration of what your small business has to offer.

Our basic tips for developing an effective showcase website

A showcase website that serves the purpose of providing visibility inevitably needs to conform to certain "basic" rules, rules which all websites need to follow anyway.

The showcase website: the store in non-physical form

But in addition to the basic rules described above, if you want your showcase website to work effectively and serve the interests of your small business, it must also be designed and constructed in accordance with the following principles.

Your website must be clearly recognizable; it must be striking and memorable, like a physical store front. The obvious way of achieving this is through the use of a unique and original corporate style and identity. The company logo plays a particularly important role here.

Additionally, you must design your showcase website in a way that is coherent with your physical sales space. Place images of the latter on your site and use the same color schemes, etc.

The showcase website: a way of attracting customers to your store

As we stated above, a website acts as a representative of your store and has the primary function of attracting web users to your sales space.

To achieve this aim, it can be a good idea to provide customer services directly on your website, with the main advantage of this being the immediacy it provides. By answering your customers' questions via your website and by quickly providing them with the information they require, you encourage them to visit your store.

We also recommend linking your small business website to your Google account. This provides a way of ensuring you appear in Google Map searches so you can attract customers searching for stores "nearby".

And finally, you could also consider offering an online ordering option and in-store collection/payment.

Merchandising and POS display (point-of-sale display)

These are two techniques normally reserved for use in "classic" modes of selling but which are these days used online and offer genuine advantages for your showcase website.

Online merchandising is all about the way in which products are presented, with the aim being to trigger an act of purchase. The principle involved is "simple": optimize product presentation to match customers' needs and requirements.

Posters, interactive screens and checkout dividers have traditionally been used for this purpose in stores.

Additionally, refined, uncluttered presentation together with the use of modern, trendy graphic styles and other techniques can help you optimize your merchandising. For example, it is important to imagine yourself in the place of the web visitor when creating the site. It can also be a good idea to not provide all the information immediately in the product or service description. One thing you can do is highlight your best selling products. And finally, personalizing site navigation for each individual customer is also an option.

A showcase website is a major asset for an SMB, costing very little in terms of either time or money. And with our six essential tips, you will be able to throw yourself into the process with complete confidence!