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An efficient business Facebook page: our 5 tips to choose your cover photo

The cover photo of your small business page takes up a central place on a Facebook page or profile, so it is important to choose it carefully. Layout, graphics, content, are all elements to be taken into account before deciding what Facebook cover to use. Here are so tips to help you choose the best Facebook cover photo that will increase your small business' visibility and presence on Facebook!

1. Facebook limitations when selecting a cover photo

The cover photo is subject to “constraints”, directly imposed by Facebook:

2. Cover photo: some general rules to follow

The first and most important thing to think about when selecting a cover photo, it's essential to optimize the size and quality of your photo. Forget pixelated and blurry images. Opt for HD format. The quality of your images is a supplementary indicator of your professionalism and the credibility of your small business.

Also, pay attention, the profile picture partially covers the cover photo in Facebook’s current interface. Ensure that it doesn’t cover certain content information on the cover photo. If the latter contains text information for example, align it to the center or to the right. It’s about balancing the text between the profile and the cover picture.

More generally, your visual elements (profile photo, cover, theme) must be consistent. The colors and fonts must be harmonious and coincide with your website and other communication media. This is important, among other things, for your brand image. Especially since a Facebook business page and its many customization options are a way to clearly show the graphic identity associated with your SMB. So your customers can identify you at a glance.

3. Choose a cover photo that helps optimize your business page

In addition to some worthy “rules” above, both for a corporate page as for a personal page, there are a few secrets, often well-kept, in order to optimize your page through the choice of a cover photo. A cover photo wisely chosen is a true magnet to likes. Besides, if you are looking for notoriety, we invite you to discover how to get more “likes” on your Facebook business page.

First, choose a cover photo in harmony with your page’s content and more globally with your work/profession. True, the snowy landscapes encourage daydreaming but risk losing you followers!

Don’t forget to fill out the “description” field, which appears when you click on the cover photo. Use this space wisely, for example by putting in your website’s address or a call to action.

The cover photo occupies most your visual field, it’s an ideal space to convey a message. You can take advantage of it using it for advertising! For example, by sharing a promotional offer, an event, etc.

In view of this, don’t hesitate to change the cover photo… Often! It’s not a fixed illustrative element, but a tool, a true communication medium.

4. Cover photo as a message channel

It’s clear that the cover photo constitutes an ideal communication support, but it’s important to know what message it’s likely to transmit! But the choice of the type of message depends, as much on the target population as the goal of your small business’ page.

In any case, you can use your cover photo to:

Each one of these ideas plays a part in humanizing your business, creating customer loyalty, creating a rapport with each client or opening a conversation, etc.

5. A bonus: some useful tools…

Finally, you should know there’s tools to guide you in choosing a quality cover photo:

We hope that the cover photo is no longer a mystery for you!