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Get more "likes" on your small business Facebook page

An “I like” (or like) indicates interest from your “fans” and your virtual “friends” on your page. They’re an indicator of the notoriety and visibility of your small business on the social network. It is therefore important to harvest as much likes as possible. Here we will describe the usefulness of the like and explain how to get more of it.

1. Why click on “like”? What’s the value for my small business?

Getting more likes means you first need to understand why people provide your page or content with an “I like”.

There are many reasons for this:

In order to get more likes, you need to encourage your fans to act according to one of these motivations. In short, you have to be interesting, make them want to join in, propose offers, etc. Indirectly, you have to artfully promote your small business and everything that relates to it.

But what do these likes bring to your small business? As you know, a like offers your page a wider audience and increased visibility. That is the whole principle of the social network. At the same time, a like is brand proximity (a kind of virtual link); it allows you to build loyalty with your already existing customers by conveying the feeling of belonging to the same network.

2. Auditing your Facebook page, an essential step

After having understood the importance of a “thumbs up like”, getting more likes requires that you should carry out an audit of your page. The goal is to research the behavior of your fans, to know what they like and what they don’t like (or like less). The goal is also to analyze the profiles of your fans and find out who they are.

We advise you, for example, to analyze the correlations existing between socio-demographic profiles and content(s) liked. Perhaps you’ll learn that young people are more attracted to video formats than to text formats. If your target audience is more likely to be in the 18-25 age bracket, then you'll know that it's better to opt for video.

Imagine that you have offered several types of contests on your page (a test we advise you to do, if not done already). Use statistics to discover which of them has attracted the most engagement, the most likes, etc.

Likewise, take advantage of the audit to pinpoint the times of the day during which a publication attracts more clicks on the button “I like”.

In short, an audit and the knowledge it offers are essential in order to increase your likes.

3. Collect likes with quality content

Knowing your clientele, formats, and topics that interest them is essential to getting likes. Based on this information, you’ll be able to develop and publish content online that will help you gain membership and spark everyone’s interest.

If good content has some indispensable qualities (impeccable spelling, clear information, precise keywords, etc.), truly objective “perfect content” does not exist. The right content, the one that wins likes, is the one that is tailored to the needs, interests, and profile of the fans of your small business page!

4. Facebook features to get more likes

There are many features in Facebook useful for harvesting likes:

Also, to get more likes it's useful to be active on Facebook, at all levels of your network. We recommend that you analyze what other interests and pages your fans love. Once this information is gathered, go to these pages and post comments and like content. In short, take part in the life of the network.

Getting likes is, above all, effective to promote your small business via good content thanks to the knowledge of your leads and your customers, and especially through the implementation of a well thought-out communication strategy! But most importantly, do not forget that your visibility is all the more reinforced if you associate your business page with your website.