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How to drive more Facebook traffic for free

Drawing traffic to your Facebook page or to the profile dedicated to your small business is a necessary step in order to promote your SMB and to make it visible. Many methods exist for this purpose, some effective, others much less, some free, others at a price... Discover our best tips to drive more traffic on Facebook without paying a penny!

1. Define a Facebook communication strategy

Increasing your traffic simply means to attract more visitors to your Facebook page. It is therefore essential that your Facebook page or profile is created according to your objectives.

You have to ask yourself some questions:

Let's take an example by imagining that you sell ecological gardening items. You want to attract visitors to your e-commerce site via your Facebook page. The target audience is therefore your potential customers (your prospects). You know that your products are mostly bought by women between 30 and 40 years old. You will therefore choose the format, content and time of publication most likely to reach this population.

By adopting an elaborate strategy, you guarantee your page more and more traffic without having to pay!

2. Communicate around your Facebook page

To showcase your Facebook page, there are many different options our there. To get more traffic to your Facebook business page, think about advertising your Facebook page on other channels:

In order to drive more traffic to a Facebook page, you will need to broadcast to the largest number as possible. We therefore advise you to use all the tools at your disposal.

3. Good content: again and again

We will never say it enough, the quality of the content is absolutely a decisive element in the search for visibility and notoriety on the internet. Moreover, regardless of the function of your Facebook page as part of your communication strategy, your content must be of impeccable quality.

Beyond the few basic characteristics (spelling, conciseness of the text, varied formats, etc.) that define what good content is, it is important that all your publications be constructed in such a way that generate commitment. That is, in order to create a maximum of interactions. Also, the idea is that the more your fans comment, love and share, the more your publications are widely broadcasted, the more visibility your page acquires and the more your traffic increases!

4. Surf the current trends to increase traffic

Once you have defined your communication strategy and set up targeted publications, it is interesting to browse through the most viral trends on Facebook.

The principle is relatively simple; it is about disseminating publications, whose content mixes topics of interest to your audience and current or topical trends.

With this in mind, many (free) tools allow you to find out what these buzzing topics are about and which are related to your field of activity. Among these, we invite you to discover Buzzsumo, a tool that we had already presented to you since it’s an important too if you want to drive traffic to a website.

Simply enter a keyword or phrase and Buzzsumo offers you the most successful publications on Facebook. An inspirational tool!

5. Retain loyalty rewards

Loyalty to your fans and/or friends is obviously another way to grow your traffic. Indeed, a visitor who regularly visits your page and consults your publications on a daily basis is more likely to share his/her experience with his/her own network.

One of the best ways to keep your fans loyal is to offer rewards, for example, through contests or any kind of promotional offers that promise a gift in exchange for an action. Offer for example, if you have an e-commerce site, free shipping for a first order.

So you have understood, just like there are many natural referencing methods, there are free methods when you want to increase traffic to a Facebook page. Paying is no longer (anymore) an obligation!