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Tips for increasing your newsletter’s subscribers

A newsletter is an essential tool for building loyalty among existing customers and converting prospects into new ones . Nevertheless, it is far from easy to win over new subscribers and persuade them to sign up for your newsletter. Here, you can learn how to attract more subscribers to your newsletter, more easily, and more quickly.

Clearly showcase the newsletter

The first thing to do when looking to increase the number of subscribers is to showcase a short, straightforward sign-up form on your website. We also recommend that you choose to have only one field on your sign-up form (the e-mail address), leading to a significant increase in the number of subscribers. This is because web users don’t have the time to fill in multiple fields – they’re only interested in quick responses. At most, you can offer multiple distribution lists by giving users the option of checking boxes, but try not to offer too many.

The second point is to incorporate this form strategically: for instance, at the foot of the page with a powerful tag such as “Sign up for our newsletter and get our latest news each week!” On the pages of your blog, it’s also worthwhile to highlight the newsletter at the top of the right-hand column and immediately after the end of the article.

Newsletter benefits

For the majority of your readers, the newsletter is completely useless, even though it really shouldn’t be. For this, we recommend that you clearly highlight all the benefits that can be obtained by signing up to the newsletter. For example, “Register and...”:

Don’t hesitate to demonstrate the benefits that you are highlighting; for example, by featuring subscribers who have benefited over the last Christmas holiday period.

It is worth noting that offering a discount against immediate purchases has the unfortunate effect of attracting subscribers who are acting in their immediate self-interest and thus who, on the face of it, lack interest in your content – after which many will unsubscribe. Nevertheless, they won’t all do so, and the vouchers that you distribute will undoubtedly trigger some purchases that were not initially planned. As such, this kind of promotion remains an interesting option.

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Use social media

As a professional, you will be well aware that social media has the potential to promote your business significantly. Note, however, that social media can also help achieve a significant increase in the number of subscribers to your newsletter. Indeed, some people will follow you on Facebook, for example, won’t necessarily subscribe to your newsletter. It is therefore frequently beneficial to post a sign-up link for your newsletter on your profile. Moreover, your social media followers can share this link, leading to further, substantial increases in your subscriber numbers.

Social networks are often perceived as a substitute for newsletters. It is true that many users will prefer to keep up with your news and activities via social media. Nevertheless, this is not necessarily true across the board, and your customers (and potential customers) should have the choice. Moreover, newsletters and social media can feed off each other, thereby ensuring the maximum number of opportunities to reach out to as many people as possible.

In conclusion, you could say that it is not particularly difficult to increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter. You simply have to allow the time that it takes and should not expect that it will happen of its own accord. New subscribers don’t appear by magic, and you have to do everything to ensure that your initial strategy pays off. Finally, never forget to keep increasing your subscriber numbers, which means giving yourself more opportunities to make new sales, either by building loyalty among existing customers or winning over new ones.