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How to get free website traffic

To increase your website's traffic by gaining new customers, you will need to look at ways to increase your traffic. This can be done for free or by paying. There are a number of sources of free traffic out there, which few people are aware of. Here are some tips to help you find free traffic sources and what they can bring you.

Social traffic

Social traffic can be acquired through social networks, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You should know that this is a very important part of your overall traffic and therefore represents a significant percentage. It is therefore highly recommended to be present and visible on social media, but being active is even more important. You have to post regularly, build a real community around your page, and be present on as many social networks as possible that are relevant to your small business. You will soon find that the more active you are on social media networks, the more your fans and traffic will increase rapidly and at no cost.

Retain your customers via e-mail

Many companies often overlook Emailing and newsletters. Emailing can help you increase your traffic for free if you use it the right way. This means that when you send a newsletter to your client, your customer will be able to click directly on a link that will redirect to your website. Generally, your customers will do so out of curiosity, and this will increase your traffic in a completely free way.

Note that if your Emailing campaigns often arrive in your customers' SPAM folders, you can try using a computer specialist to solve this problem.

Guest blogging

Increasingly on-trend, guest blogging involves publishing an article on someone else’s blog that links back to your own website. Your content will be read by more people, and you will greatly increase free traffic to your site. Most blogs and media accept guest blogging at no costs. You must however prepare some time to write relevant, interesting and high quality articles.

You can also do it the other way on your website or your blog! You can invite a blogger to post one of his or her articles on your website. Then they will post a link to their article on your site, and your traffic will increase considerably at no cost once again.

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Network in forums

There are many online forums covering all subjects and all areas of activity. By participating in one of these, you can publish the address of your website and post a direct link in your messages. Do not hesitate to start discussions, and do everything you can to make people want to visit your website. You must be visible. Certainly, it will take a few hours a week, but then you can increase traffic to your website without paying a penny.


Apart from emailing, there are three other strategies that strongly influence your positioning in search engines. Implementing them will therefore impact your SEO. All the more reason not to delay and get started! If you would like more advice on the SEO of your site, consult our file dedicated to SEO.