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How to improve online presence as an SMB

As a small business owner or non-specialist web trader, it may seem difficult to start your business and succeed on the internet. We have grouped together a number of articles with our best tips to help small business owners to improve their online presence and visibility to grow their business.

Establish local online presence (googlemybusiness, local directory)

Internet search engines are not exclusively catered towards international or national markets. By adopting the correct strategies, you can take advantage of localized search engines and establish a local online presence.

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How to show up on Google Maps

Google Maps is an essential source to help you improve your online visibility and attract new customers. This is a strategy that is always worth making use of.

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How to improve your online presence

Having a website is always good for your business, but it is more important to establish a great overall online presence. The goal in this article is to inform you of your options so that you are able to improve your business and turnover.

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Think globally, act locally!

Did you know that by adopting global strategies, you will be able to achieve results at the local level? (Yes, it’s true!) This is a concept that has been proven in a wide variety of fields and industries.

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4 ways to promote your website for free

Promoting your website can require a significant amount of financial investment. There are, however, online solutions that allow you to showcase your business with a free website. Why not take advantage of one?

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4 things to do on your website to attract more customers

Your website is the representation of your business; its main objective is to attract new customers. To make this possible, it is necessary to make every effort to make your website a link between your business and your customers.

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What are the best sources of free traffic?

The best way to increase your website traffic is not always obvious; there are many paid services available that claim to help with this. However, did you know that there are free traffic sources that help your business increase website traffic?

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Why and how an SMB must monitor the traffic of its competitors' websites

Your competitors are your main opponents for finding new customers. Because of this, it is wise to analyze their website and monitor its traffic. This can be an extremely beneficial source of information.

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