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Our best social bookmarking sites for your SMB

What is social bookmarking? Social bookmarking, in other words sharing bookmarks or favorited pages, is a practice that has become almost impossible to not follow. It consists of selecting, storing and sharing online resources which are beneficial for small businesses... We invite you to discover these through the presentation of our 3 favorite social bookmarking sites and how to use them.

1. Social bookmarking: benefits for your small business

Social bookmarking is an interesting web marketing strategy. In fact, it is a way to increase visibility, to get more traffic to your website but also to create more and more impacting advertising campaigns.

Even the simple fact of adding a bookmark to one of the pages of your website, references it in the sharing platform favorites. Thus, the relevant page(s) are associated with a “tag” (include a keyword) and become accessible to all users. It is therefore a “simple” way to make your website more visible to a wider audience and to generate more traffic.

In fact, social bookmarking sites allow you to create backlinks: inbound links to your website.

But social bookmarking sites are also the tool of choice to achieve competitive intelligence. Indeed, you can easily find the pages and information stored by users, relative to competing companies. It's easy to find out what customers' opinions are, what they like and do not like. You will also be able to discover the needs and interests of the clients. This is a way to refine your advertising campaigns.

2. Delicious: the most popular tool

This is certainly the most famous and therefore the most frequented English-speaking social bookmarking site. This is a tool - almost indispensable - to your small business.

Registration is free, the platform is extremely intuitive and therefore easy to use. The site helps you save and classify favorites. Depending on these, its algorithm offers links that may be of interest to you when you search.

3. Diigo: a comprehensive tool

On Diigo, several offers are available: one free but also one reserved for companies for $10 a month. Diigo offers most of the features usually found on social bookmarking sites, but with a small bonus: the ability to create and join groups or comment and initiate a discussion.

More than just marking a page, Diigo allows you to save the content and then share it on social networks.

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4. Reddit: the social tool

Registering on Reddit is simple and free. Operating more in a forum-like format, its users are encouraged to vote (favorably or not) on the interest of each of the indexed and shared resources. This feature is a real advantage for your website since Reddit offers then indexed rankings according to theme, of most popular contents.

5. Twitter and Pinterest: tools of your choice for your “branding” strategy

Twitter and Pinterest, two of the most popular social networks, have not ceased to amaze us... Indeed, besides their most famous features, they also are extremely effective social bookmarking tools. The retweet and the “registration” function (pinning) let you store and classify web resources that interest you.

On Twitter, hashtags are particularly interesting. They allow you to search, view and share affiliated topics. By carefully choosing them, you will get increased traffic to your profile and therefore to the website of your small business.

6. Some tips for use

Social bookmarking sites can become inmportant for your digital strategy. Here are a few tips to follow:

In short, social bookmarking sites can be a real plus for your SMB, even if you dedicate little time and are learning how to mark and index web resources in an adequate way!