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4 ways to promote your website for free

Think you've explored all the ways to promote your website? Well, think again. In fact, there are a number of free sources out there to help you promote your website. Read on to find out more about how these sources could benefit you.

Trust YouTube

YouTube is not just for watching music videos. This online platform is a great way to discover new products, communicate with consumers, and find tutorials on all sorts of personal and professional topics. YouTube has billions of users and can offer you a real opportunity.

Just create an account on YouTube and start uploading videos. You could, for example, present your products, talk about your company, or offer advice. Don't forget to provide a link to your website and to mention it clearly in your video. YouTube videos are a terrific way to promote your website for free.

Social media

It's almost impossible to not be present on social media. Social media is a great channel to promote your website for free.

All you have to do is create a professional page about what you do. Remember to add a direct link to your website. Also, don't hesitate to include the address for your website in the comments you leave on other posts. Talk about your page with your in-store customers. Encourage them to subscribe so they can see your monthly specials and new products. Grow your fan base quickly by offering exclusive deals to subscribers.

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You're probably already aware of the many web directories that charge a fee, but did you know that there are directories that are totally free in which you can publish your website address at no charge? Whether you choose a general or specialized directory, simply register your website. A little research is all it takes to find free directories worldwide. Promote your website for free locally and globally.


Promoting your website through word-of-mouth is effective and free-of-charge. Don't pass up any opportunity to publicize your website. Talk to your friends, in-store clients, professional colleagues, and others. Any technique, promotion, or commercial benefit that gets your customers talking about you will help. Consider it an investment. Getting your clients to “do” your publicity for you is clearly less work than employing someone or hiring an agency to do the job.

To make word-of-mouth even more efficient, choose a name for your website that is easy to remember. Opting for a name that is too long will interfere with the word-of-mouth process. Your intermediary will be less likely to transmit your address correctly. Referencing a popular idea is even better. Anything that can make your address memorable is an asset.

To conclude, we're sure you'll find these four ways of promoting your website for free very valuable. Use them to increase the traffic on your website and gain in notoriety.