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Our practical guides for a successful “social media” plan

Today, social networks are as numerous as they are complex. As we would like to offer you and your small business the various benefits you can get from them, we will decode its function before giving you our best tips and secrets for a leading social media plan!

Social networks for your SME: some basic knowledge

1. Promoting your small business online: website VS social networks

A website and pages on social networks have specific roles and functions. These two media are often complementary within a marketing plan. We will explain What elements you should analyze before deciding whether your SMB will be noticeable on the web and/or on social networks.

2. The 4 benefits SMBs missed out when there were no social networks

The emergence of social networks comes with new opportunities for small businesses. We will go over the benefits social media offers SMBs and how to use them efficiently.

3. 4 strategic rules to use social media efficiently

You got it, social networks and the implementation of a social media plan may enable your small business to shine online! But to do so, you should master the codes. Discover How to use social media efficiently.

4. What social media to promote your small business?

Among the 4 golden rules given below, there is one that you can't miss...for a marketing that works, you should always choose quality over quantity! We will list questions that you should ask yourself in order to choose the right social network to promote your small business.

Social networks for your SMB: Learning how to implement a social media plan

1. The best marketing practices on social networks

For efficient advertising, you should know the essentials of communication on social networks. We invite you to find out The social media marketing basics in 5 steps.

2. 4 social media marketing actions for SMB

Once you have achieved the main theoretical principles of communication on social networks, it is time to implement them to promote your small business. But the possibilities are limitless... We have thus decided to list some The most efficient marketing actions, applicable on all social networks.

3. Our favorite sites of social bookmarking for SMB

Social bookmarking knows many applications... And it can be a formidable weapon to promote your SMB. We offer you to discover how bookmark sharing works through the introduction of Our favorite social bookmarking sites.

Social networks for your SMB: the secret tips of Facebook unveiled

1. Learn how to use Facebook to promote your SMB in 4 steps

How can you create an efficient profile? What features are mostly used? What elements are not to be neglected? We answer all these questions and even more through the introduction of 4 key steps to promote your SMB efficiently on Facebook.

2. Our 5 tips to choose your cover picture on Facebook

The cover picture is an element that is often neglected when creating a Facebook business page. Yet, it is of paramount importance! Here are our 5 tips to choose the perfect cover picture for your small business.

3. Your business page on Facebook: our tips to get more “likes”

Liking is one of the oldest and most plebiscited features on Facebook. And it can be very helpful for advertising your small business. Find out What the benefits of “likes” are and how to get more.

4. Our tips to increase your Facebook traffic for free

A Facebook page has added value for your small business only if it generates important traffic. The task is not easy, and yet we offer you on a silver plate Our favorite tips to increase traffic to your business page for free.

5. Learning to retarget through Facebook: instruction manual

Retargeting a specific audience is part of the known social media plans but very beneficial nevertheless. Discover the retargeting principles and tips enabling to retarget through Facebook.

Social networks for your SMB: learn how to use Twitter like a pro

1. Twitter: 3 assets to increase the visibility of your small business

Twitter is a very efficient tool when it comes to optimizing the visibility and e-reputation of a small business. We will explain why by disclosing The 3 main assets of Twitter to make your SMB visible.

2. Our 5 best rules for SMBs that wish to use Twitter efficiently

If Twitter is an ally within your social media plan, it will be useless if you don't master the usage codes of this social media star. This is why we have prepared an instruction manual to give everyone, gathering The 5 rules to follow so your SMB can become the king of Twitter.

3. Our tips for an efficient and unique SMB Twitter profile

A tweet is 140 characters max, The Twitter bio can only have 160 characters... So creating a Twitter profile is not something you should take lightly, or your presence on this social network would be useless. Discover our tips to create the perfect profile in order to promote your small business on Twitter.

We hope that our articles have enabled you to have a better look. We also hope that social media and marketing plans that can optimize the presence of your SMB have no secrets for you now!