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The choice of a web host for your SMB website: our best advice

You've finally decided to launch a website dedicated to your small business. You have chosen a graphic chart, decided on the main features to integrate, but you still wonder what type of hosting you’ll opt for ... We explain to you which criteria to choose from according to the quantity of existing offers.

1. The different types of hosting

When you create a website, your information (including online content) must be stored somewhere or more precisely on a server. In fact this service corresponds to hosting. Now let's discover the different formulas that exist.

Dedicated Hosting

In the case of dedicated hosting, a server is placed at your entire disposal. This is the most expensive solution because it's high-end and personalized.

Shared Hosting

Here, several websites are stored on the same server. This is the most economical solution. Note that in the case of shared hosting, the management of the site is facilitated and does not necessarily require the intervention of a professional. At the same time, and unlike the two solutions below, the possibilities of customizing the configuration settings are reduced.

Cloud computing

Still without focusing on the technical details, this mode of hosting is based on the interconnection of several remote servers and thus all their respective services are via a network connection. The definition of cloud computing is a bit more complex than that and besides, the experts are struggling to agree on this point. This is a relatively new offer, at average cost, offering some flexibility in services. On the other hand, the security of information is less.

2. What criteria should be taken into account when choosing a mode of hosting

Your budget

Obviously, the question of the budget arises because there's a huge gap between the tariffs of the different types of hosting presented. It's difficult to present a precise assesSMBnt, but let's say that dedicated hosting can cost from $100 to over $1500 monthly.

Some providers offer you a shared hosting or cloud for only a few dollars per month. For VPS hosting, plan a slightly higher budget.

Obviously, prices, regardless of the mode of hosting chosen, vary depending on the management features and also on the amount of data to be stored.

The amount of data to be stored

One of the main criteria to preside over your choice of hosting is the amount of data you need to store.

For this reason, for example, multinationals and other globally important e-commerce sites are often forced to opt for dedicated hosting. A small business site, especially if it's a showcase site, will amply adapt on a shared hosting.

The traffic

When we talk about traffic, we do not refer directly to the number of visitors, but rather to the amount of incoming and outgoing data, itself being defined by the number of visits.

Let's just say, the more visitors you expect, the more you will have to opt for high-end hosting. But as part of an SMB website, unless you hope to reach a million internet users daily, the question does not really arise.

3. Site editors or simplified hosting management

By creating your site on your own, whichever provider you choose - or almost - you will need to take care of selecting a hosting solution by yourself. This means: comparing offers, asking the right questions, managing and developing your site, etc. A real combatant's course often expensive, especially for small business leaders with little knowledge on the subject.

The advantage offered by site publishers is that you do not have to decide for yourself the choice of hosting. Depending on your needs; the amount of data you need to store and the level of security you need, the site publisher will advise you on the best choice of hosting.

Heek, for example, offers 3 formulas: the first is free and the other two, at €12 and €25 per month respectively. For this price, you will not have to do any installation or setup operation.

An ideal and inexpensive solution for SMBs and SMBs wishing to carry their business online.