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How to write the subject of your Newsletter well

The subject of your newsletter email is a very important step. This is the element that will trigger the opening of your email by recipients and this data is based on it alone, so do not miss it.

In this article, we invite you to discover some tips to help you find a powerful marketing email subject to give it every chance to be read.

Transactional Email VS Relational Email

The first step is to identify the purpose of your email marketing. You must know if this is transactional or relational. Transactional marketing is about the transaction, which is simply buying. If you opt for a transactional newsletter, it means that your primary goal is to sell a product or service. If, on the contrary, you want to orient your newsletter towards a relational goal, it means that you want to create a long term relationship with your customers and rentain them. In any case, we can say that transactional marketing and relationship marketing are related, but that it is a choice that you must know from the beginning. This will help you choose the subject of your email marketing to be effective.

A short subject

The subject of your email must be short. Being concise is very effective on the internet. Know that it is necessary to keep your subject lines to about 50 characters max, and that some studies have shown that a subject with between 28 and 39 characters had a higher open rate by Internet users. Long subjects are boring for the recipients and can not be conveniently opened on a smartphone for example. The user “scans”. It is thus difficult for the recipient to have a precise and quick idea of ​​what it contains and therefore whether it is likely to interest them or not. In the vast majority of these cases, they will pass over without even opening it.

Customizing the subject

If you can customize the subject of your email with the first name of your recipient, do it. Indeed, it will increase your chances of opening by 3%, which is not negligible. In everyday life, we are all “programmed” to answer to our first name, and on the internet it's the same thing. Our brain will react automatically by seeing our first name. In addition, the recipient will feel privileged and will have more desire to discover what is specifically dedicated to him. Be careful, though! You should avoid using customization too frequently, as it may bore your users.

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Avoid spam!

So that your mail marketing can be read by your recipient, you must do everything not to land on their blacklist, that is to say, not be classified in spam. You should know that when you use certain words or phrases, you are immediately classified to the blacklist. Here are all the terms you should not use:

Use emojis!

To be visible among a list of unopened emails, being concise is the first rule, but adding a little emoji can be a real plus while brightening your subject. All the biggest webmails accept them and they are not yet “overused”, so take advantage of them. Be careful that they are relevant and not used incorrectly.

To easily find emojis, go to this site, do your research and simply paste it into your subject.

To conclude, we can say that the most important thing for your subject line to be efficient lies in the fact that you must be simple, concise, clear and non-monotonous 😉.