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Together we are going to make a website for small businesses.

Small business website builder

Heek, the independent robot 🤖 that creates your SMB website...in 5 min ⏱ 👍

Are you a small business owner or self employed and would like to make a professional website for your business in all simplicity?

All you need to do is give out the main information of your activity to Heek who will then make a website for your business in a few moments. Thanks to its artificial intelligence, Heek becomes your companion by helping you manage your website and building your business’s reputation online.

mobile website for small and medium businesses

Mobile and tablet friendly templates for SMBs

All websites for small businesses are adapted for mobile, tablet and computers, so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. The templates offered can be personalized to your liking.

You can change the colors, content and the structure of your pages and if you need a helping hand, all you need to do is ask Heek, your little robot 🤖.

Heek, the little independent robot, always here for you!

  • 🎓 More than 35 different activities available

    More than 35 different activities found in the small and medium business industry are available on Heek, giving you the possibility to have a website dedicated to your industry built in a few moments. An array of templates, free images and professionally ready-made texts are available for you.

  • ⚙ Manage your online business

    Not only does Heek help you make your website, but he also acts as a personal assistant to help you build your business online. From giving out advice on how to find new clients, freelancing tips, how to use community platforms to offering an integration of Google Analytics to follow and analyze your website’s traffic, Heek offers you a number of professional features to manage your business.

  • $ Fees and services

    A number of customizable forms to display your different services and fees are available for you to clearly inform your visitors of your pricing policies. You can choose to display them in a price table, list, formula or packages and choose to accompany them with photos, descriptions and sort them out to your liking.

  • 👨 👩 Present your employees

    Heek allows you to present your team in a visual manner, allowing you to introduce your collaborators to your visitors and to be transparent and approachable with your future clients.

  • 📸 Portfolio and photo gallery

    The portfolio or photo gallery option allows you to showcase the achievements of your business. You can give as much detail as you would like and illustrate your projects with quality photos to prove to your potential clients that you are the service that they need to have. Regarding the design, Heek will take care of it 🤖.

  • 📩 Contact page, subscriptions and newsletter

    To stay in touch with your new clients, you have a wide array of customizable contact forms, subscriptions, quotes or newsletter possibilities to choose from. All you need to do is add in information that you wish to collect (name, budget, email, etc.) All this for free and with no limits, of course.

Tips and advice to boost a SMB online 😇

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