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What content should an effective SMB website contain?

Many small and medium-sized business executives still believe that websites aren't of any use. Yet websites have become an almost essential tool. That said, an effective and profitable website for an SMB needs to contain relevant content. Here are our tips on content to include on your website with this objective in mind.

1. Understand the different functions of your website in order to write effective content

Understanding how your website is to function is essential if you're to include content that makes it a useful corporate communication tool. To write effective content, you just need to know its purpose and how and where to publish. This is why we've listed 3 of these functions below.

The corporate function

This function refers to a dedicated page on your website or on an independent platform. The primary goal is to create content that promotes a company and its image (for example its ecological or humanitarian commitments). The next step is to generate leads and / or find investors.

To do this, an SMB can describe the sectors into which it falls by, for example, publishing videos that show its manufacturing processes. You can also include a company history, its locations or provide financial information. You then need to adapt its tone and its editorial style - in this case a more formal presentation. Building a multilingual website can also be very beneficial.

Presentation of products / services

The second function is to present and promote the products or services offered. This content needs to target potential buyers/customers.

Products or services pages are usually the ones that receive the most traffic. If you're selling a product, for example, this page needs to contain original content and grab surfers' attention, in order for them to remember who you are and what you're selling.

Using a unique graphic image is one way to achieve this goal. An SMB can supplement this with practical information about products / services and their usefulness. You can include customer testimonials, preferably in video format for added originality.

Pre and post sales support

Finally, to be really effective, an SMB website must include details of pre and after sales support. In other words, a page where visitors and customers can find answers to common questions.

You can create personal user accounts so that customers can track and keep records of their purchases. You can also send out newsletters to engage customers and form a relationship. Its content should promote your company's professionalism and credibility. At the same time, setting up a FAQ page and delivery follow-up pages are additional ways to improve an SMB website's effectiveness.

Nowadays prospective clients' first step is to invariably check out a company website before making direct contact. To not have a site or to have poor content will have a negative impact on customer relations.

2. Quality content

Content means both editorial content and images/videos. These two elements need to be carefully chosen if your site's to be effective.

First of all faultless spelling and grammar is essential. Image-wise, go for clear, elegant graphics. Fussy or crowded images generally don't work.

The idea is to stand out with original editorial content and a unique graphic layout. Surfers will then remember your company, its image and what it has to offer.

Good editorial and graphic content will generate leads, convert them into sales and improve customer loyalty. The content to include depends on your goals.

3. SMB websites and search engine ranking

An efficient and attractive SMB website also needs to be referenced by search engines. There are two ways to make your site appears high up on search engine results: SEA and SEO.

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

SEA is relatively simple: you pay a fee so that search engines and their partner sites will display your advertisements. You need to choose which keywords apply to your service and then determine the price per click that you're willing to pay. How much you spend and the level of competition will define the number of clicks you can expect to receive.

Search Engine Optimization (EO)

The SEO is the best for small companies. The idea is to be listed high up on search engine results for free. This means writing content that takes into account SEO in order to attract more traffic to your site.

SEO does require some IT skills. Heek can help you create effective SEO content, among other things.

There’s no universal rule regarding the creation of 'good' content. The idea is to implement a clear and precise communication strategy. The important thing is to know what you want to convey on your website, what its purpose is and which type of customer you want to attract. But by following the above guidelines, you'll be able to write effective content for your small business website.