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When is the right time for a complete refresh of your small business website?

There are many different reasons that might demand that a small business’s website should be completely refreshed. However, refreshing a website, whether you’re “merely” making significant changes or recreating it from the ground up, is a challenging task that should only be considered at very specific times and, in this article, we’ll explain when that should be.

1. When a site starts to show its age

The first and undoubtedly the most obvious reason to refresh your website is when it starts to feel dated, and your competitors (both direct and indirect) have improved their own websites, forcing you to follow suit.

There is no precise rule that states that, after so many years, it’s time to launch a new website. Nevertheless, in an era when the web and its standards are constantly evolving, we recommend that a site should be completely refreshed every few years.

It has become essential to modernize the design and, especially, the functionality of your SMB, with the aim of providing site visitors with an intuitive, clear browsing experience.

You will note that, far from wanting to give their website a completely new look, many people simply want to add one or two new functionalities. However, the simple fact of adding a single new feature can require improving the design, then the site navigation structure and so on, and therefore, the natural result is a complete refresh.

2. When you want to develop a mobile version of your website

We were just talking about the constant evolution of the web, which has recently made it essential to create a mobile version of your website. Indeed, a mobile website guarantees an enhanced online presence as well as optimized search engine performance. Moreover, Google favors sites that use “responsive design” and penalizes those that don’t. It’s also worth bearing in mind that, if your website features a blog section, it’s more important than ever to adapt your website to support the use of smartphones.

However, if your small business website is not yet optimized for viewing on mobile devices, you need to update it: there really is no alternative.

As an aside, the reason that Heek offers a “responsive design” version of every website that it creates is to save you the cost and effort of a substantial and complex refresh.

3. A change in the image or business area of your SMB or micro-enterprise

Another reason that could require you to refresh your website, even though it is not necessarily old, is a change to your image and/or business area.

When you diversify your operations, for example, you may be required to revisit the structure of your website completely. Indeed, any change in the area of business you operate in often assumes that you need to win new customers and, to do so, you may need to revise your site in response to your latest goals.

Let’s take the example of a small business that has grown massively over the course of a single year. It is highly likely that its website no longer accurately reflects what the business has now become.

Moreover, poor graphics can be extremely harmful in terms of your image!

4. A new website for technical reasons

Finally, there are many more technical reasons that could require your website to be rebuilt from the ground up.

Whether you decide upon a partial or complete refresh, bear in mind that this is not a decision to be taken lightly. Refreshing an SMB website is a costly process, and it’s therefore essential to distinguish between situations that require a simple update from those that require a complete refresh (including the four scenarios described above). Another way to reduce the impact of a site refresh is to make use of a website builder rather than a CMS. All the technological and security aspects are managed by the site builder, guaranteeing that the site will work correctly and continue to evolve, leaving you free to deal with high-impact matters relating to the quality of your content and images.