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3 best YouTube channels particularly helpful to SMBs

There is an increasing number of entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals that are interested in sharing their experiences of managing small businesses. YouTube offers an excellent way to share your own experience and to find advice that will be considerable help to you as a manager of an SMB. Here, we introduce you to the three best YouTube channels for business owners.


SalesTrainingCourses is an American YouTube channel created with the aim of providing businesses with a variety of sales advice, such as how to negotiate or how to close sales. All the methods presented have therefore been tested and have proved effective in practice. In a way, SalesTrainingCourses gives you access to all the benefits of professional sales training entirely free of charge. It provides an easy way to both ensure your professional success and increase your chances of concluding sales.

Eric Worre – Network Marketing Pro

With more than 180,000 subscribers and more than 13 million views, Eric Worre - Network Marketing Pro is a very well-known and highly popular American YouTube channel. It essentially consists of a large number of training videos dealing with the subject of network marketing. All the training courses and videos have been put together by leading industry specialist Eric Worre, who takes great pleasure in sharing not only the full range of his experience but also all the tips and advice he has to offer. It is also worth pointing out that he is an excellent tutor with considerable expertise in marketing. This is a very reliable and useful American YouTube channel when it comes to comprehensively developing your knowledge of network marketing.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud's YouTube channel is focused on the customer and the importance they can play within a company. This is why it is very important to establish excellent relationships with your customers if you want to grow and expand your business. Salesforce Marketing Cloud enjoys sharing videos as a way of helping businesses get the most out of every interaction they have with their customers. Digital marketing is very important, and as an SMB it is wise to explore everything this strategy can offer you.

These three American YouTube channels are among the most popular available on the site. Spend some time browsing, and you should also be able to find others that will provide you with plenty of tips and advice about how to manage your small business, and especially about how to grow and develop it.