Hi, it’s Heek. My webiste builder is no longer available. You can still check what I was able to do!

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Together, we're going to make a website for Cultural tours

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My career as a guide began in 2013, when I joned a collective of artists. This is the moment when I decided to become a guide to pass on my passion for architecture and art.

Website editor for Guided tour

Heek is a website editor for cultural activities that allows a Guide to build his website with complete control and independence. Images, texts, features and templates for visits awaits you directly in the editor. You can test it for free and have your website published in just 5 minutes.

Make my website for a Guided tour

Website features for a guide

  • 📅 Planning and Booking

    Post a schedule thanks to Google Calendar and inform visitors of upcoming visits you will organize. Raise the curiosity of visitors and allow them to book an event by publishing a contact form.

  • 💰 Rates and Paypal Button

    Inform your visitors of the rates you apply in the form of tables, bulleted lists, product catalogs… Plus, insert a Paypal button on your Pricing page to sell your services directly. This is a safe and secure way to boost your turnover!

  • 💬 Clients’ reviews

    Add to your site customer reviews to persuade prospects of the quality of the tours you organize. These testimonials will prove to be an effective way to convince interested people that you are an excellent visit provider.

  • 📩 Newsletter

    By inserting a contact form into your website, you will not only be able to answer prospects' questions and to allow them to book an event, but you will also collect contacts to distribute your newsletter. This way, you will keep your visitors informed of upcoming visits!

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Heek builds websites for Guided tours but also for all types of cultural activities.