Hi, it’s Heek. My webiste builder is no longer available. You can still check what I was able to do!

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Together we are going to make a website for Fashion advice

Website builder for bloggers and coaches

Heek is a website editor specialized in the fashion industry. It embeds artificial intelligence and adapts each site to the service that your company offers, such as coaching or blogging.

  • 👩 Present your professional experiences

    Convince the Internet users of your talent in terms of fashion by presenting them your career. To do this, use our timeline models that are ready to use. This design tool is easy to customize and perfect to highlight your expertise.

  • 🖼️ Portfolio

    Broadcast your work by integrating a portfolio into your website. By publishing qualitative photos of your previous work experiences, you will persuade visitors to use your services and trust your advice.

  • 💰 Pricing

    Inform your visitors of the rates you apply in the form of tables, bulleted list, service catalog ... Specify the payment methods you accept, and your terms of withdrawal so that you avoid any last minute cancellation!

  • 🛍️ Booking request, gift voucher, and Paypal button

    Allow visitors to request a reservation for a coaching session through the publication of a contact form on your site. Also allow prospects to buy a coaching session for themselves or for a loved one through the addition of a Paypal button.

  • 📑 Blog and newsletter

    Keep an active blog on which you share your fashion tips, new trends, looks you like, and more. For this, Heek has prepared templates for blogs that are easy to customize. Also share your articles on your social networks and via a newsletter.

  • 💬 Clients and followers reviews

    Post testimonials from customers and followers who recommend your services and praise your talents in fashion. A tool that will help you convert your prospects into customers.

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Fashion and Beauty blogger
The latest beauty and fashion trends
About me
After 9 years in a tailor shop, I decided to start my own blog. This way, I do my best to pass on my passion for fashion to internet users. Latest trends, beauty tips, favorite looks ... I tell you about my findings!

Fashion advice websites mobile and tablet friendly

Heek is a website builder for the fashion industry. The website it creates are adapted on all supports whether that is PC, mobile or tablet, to allow all bloggers and coaches to showcase their services on a modern website. The fashion templates, features and content are all adapted to each job type and are inspired by the best fashion websites, studied by our teams.

Make your website for fashion advice

Professional fashion website templates & free beauty and clothes images

Ci-dessous, retrouvez les métiers de conseil pour lesquels heek propose des images HD, des contenus textuels et templates pour professionnels de la mode. De nouveaux templates sont ajoutés chaque mois. Si aucun ne vous satisfait, il arrivera bientôt, et si vous êtes pressé, nous sommes à vos côtés pour vous aider à personnaliser le thème le plus proche de votre choix.

Make a website for fahsion advice

Heek builds websites for fashion bloggers and coaches.