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Present your classes online

Are you a math, English, Music or even Yoga teacher and would like to present your classes online to attract new students? Heek makes websites for tutors or group courses in just a few minute. And what’s great is that most of the content are included!

What features to make a customer testimonials section?

  • 📝 A description by subject or specialty

    Describe each subject or specialty separately to facilitate navigation and reading to your visitors. The templates we prosose are adapted to the number of courses you offer and to your field of activity.

  • 💡 Summarize the lessons of each subject

    Explain the different subjects and specialties in which you are specialized in an exact way and position yourself as an expert. Explicitly specify the levels you teach.

  • 🔧 Present your methodology

    Show your potential students the benefits they can expect and how they will achieve these goals. Explain your teaching methods and convince your visitors of the progress they will make in your company.

  • 🖼️ Illustrate your descriptions

    Accompany your course descriptions with a photo to communicate in a striking way thanks to pictures that highlight your services, your expertise and your taste for passing on your knowledge.

  • $ Indicate your prices and rates by course category

    Specify for each type of course the corresponding rates and the payment methods you offer.

  • 🔍 Add a filter

    Add a filter to sort your courses according to the criteria that you think are relevant. This will make it easier for your visitors to find the information they are looking for, which will make it easier to convert them into customers.

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What kind of professionals publish course descriptions with Heek

Why publishing a presentation of your classes?

To find new students

Presenting your classes on the internet in a precise and complete manner allows you to improve your SEO on searches that internet users make. You will be able to better respond to questions around your services and in doing so, increase your traffic with little effort.

To build notoriety and relations with your students

Your website represents you and or your brand and allows you to connect all the activities that you and your students have online; Facebook pages, teacher directories, forums, opinion sites etc. Your website will also allow you to stay connected with your students by providing them with dedicated content, plannings, sources and all other information that they would need.

To be reachable and transparent

Your website is a true online business card. It needs to be found, looked at and capable of captivating your visitors’ attention. Make sure to provide clear and accessible information not only one the services that you provide, but on the pricings and your background to show your potential students that it’d be great to reach out to you.