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Make a coming soon page for your website

Are you looking to create a maintenance page or a coming soon page to announce that your website will be up and running very soon?

Heek allows you to create a website, to publish it and to hide it behind a coming soon page in just a few minutes. This gives you the freedom to edit your website whenever you need to and at your own pace. How? By simply having a chat with a little robot!

What is a coming soon page?

A coming soon page replaces temporarily the homepage of your website to inform your visitors that your website will be live soon and to generate interest whilst they wait.

The coming soon page allows you to directly publish your website with the domain name of your choice without waiting for its natural referencing, future client or reader acquisition and to launch your communication.

To add a coming soon page, all you need to do is ask the robot to “add a coming soon page” whilst you are building your website. If you don’t ask for it, Heek will suggest it anyhow.

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Why make a coming soon page?

Great for SEO

Publishing a coming soon page before putting your whole website online allows search engines to recognize your future website thanks to a few keywords. The day when you will publish your website it will directly be taken into account by Google and will start to be better referenced.

Start your communication

Thanks to having a coming soon page, you can start to share your website’s domain name with your partners, add it on your goodies, communicate on its arrival with your target audience and start receiving links.

Generate first contacts

The coming soon page serves to also give a taste on what your visitors can expect from your website. You can therefore “tease” the future content your website will have and start to display a contact form or a newsletter to inform those that can’t wait for your website to be alerted once it is up.

More information on making a coming soon page

If you would like to know more about how to make a coming soon page, check out the article below:

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