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Add customer testimonials into your website

A website that broadcasts customer testimonials is a way win the trust of visitors. Indeed, these potential prospects pay attention to the recommendations made on the web.

What features to make a customer testimonials section?

  • πŸ‘ Disclose positive testimonials

    Broadcast positive reviews to convince your visitors and potential customers of your products' value. The customer testimonials will help you to impose yourself when consumers choose the product he wants to buy.

  • πŸ’¬ Choose positive testimonials

    Post rewarding testimonials that provide more information about your products or services. Not only does the challenge is to provide positive reviews, but it is also to adress potential customers' concerns.

  • πŸ” Add a filter

    Make sure that visitors choose to see only the testimonials they are interested in. To do this, create a filter based on the search criteria that you think is most relevant.

  • πŸ‘¨πŸ‘© Humanize the testimonials

    Add a photo and a short description to your customer testimonials. This will humanize your message and get more attention.

  • πŸ’― Choose the number of testimonials you want to publish per page

    Choose the number of customer reviews you want to display per page. Adapt your testimonial section according to the structure and design of your site, especially through the use of a carousel.

  • β†ͺ️ Sort the testimonials

    Sort the different testimonials according to the criterion of your choice: date, name... Select what is the most relevant according to your sector of activity.

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Why publishing customer testimonials?

Prove the quality of your products and services

More than 80% of Internet users are looking for customer reviews on the web before making a purchase decision. Your testimonials will reassure them about the quality of your offer.

Adress potential clients' concerns

Some visitors may be interested in your offer, but there are still some questions, and there will be some informative customer feedback to answer their concerns.

Gain visibility

The customer reviews that you publish are taken into account by the search engines. This improves your SEO as well as your conversions.