Publish your videos with Heek

Tutorials, interviews, product demonstrations, commercial videos, showasing of a previous show or event... There are so many kinds of video that can become an excellent means of persuation once published on your website.

Do not hesitate: with Heek, the integration of videos on your website is quick and easy.

What features for a website embedding Dailymotion?

  • 🎥 Integration from Dailymotion

    Choose from all Dailymotion player videos the ones you want to add to your site on the pages and insets you want. The player will then appear directly in the desired location.

  • Illimited number of videos

    Whatever the offer you have subscribed to, publish as many videos as you want on your website.

  • 🔗 Integration from an url: easy and fast

    Do you want to add a video to your website? With Heek, such an integration is quick and easy: you just have copy the url of your video and fill it in the «Video Integration» tab of the editor. It takes just a few seconds!

  • 🖌️🖥️ Well designed integration

    The addition of a video on a page of your site has been designed so that it respect the design you have chosen for your site. Thus, you can insert the videos in the lines or columns of your choice, and modify their size as you wish.

  • ⚙️ Features

    Sound adjustment, big screen, sharing ... Find Dailymotion features directly from the video published on your website.

Customizable templates of website with videos to customize

Template Dailymotion video 1 Template Dailymotion video 2 Theme Dailymotion video Design website with Dailymotion integration free Template website with Dailymotion integration free

What kind of professionals create website with videos with Heek?

Why creating a website that embeds Dailymotion?

Share your creations

By publishing a video on your website, you will be able to highlight your artistic creations: films, music pieces, choreography ... Convince the visitors of your talent in pictures. This will help you convert them into customers.

Submit tutorials and product demonstrations

By adding a video to your website, you can share a tutorial or a product demonstration. Highlight the features of your products and explain how to use them highlighting the ease of use, speed of execution, and other key qualities that characterize your offer...

Publish commercial videos

Post a Dailymotion video on your website to quickly present your offer through an attractive format. Features, rates, benefits ...