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Buy a domain name and link it to your website

A domain name has the difficult mission of linking a business on the web with its internet users.

That means it has to be concise, clear and make an impression in visitors' minds. Ideally, it should logically follow the company's name.

Buying a domain name

We strongly recommend that all of our users reserve a domain name for their websites. It will allow your company to effectively promote your brand on the internet, to be better read, understood and remembered by web users and to separate you from your website provider by no longer including its name in the address (mysite.heek.com).

Each primary domain name of a Heek site, reserved via Heek, is offered for the first year, and will be filed via a historic leader in domain names, Gandi.

At the end of this first year, renewal is required. This costs from €1 to €60 per year depending on the desired extension (.fr, .com, .paris, etc), and is provided at the time of reservation.

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Reserving a domain name according to your activity, location and market

Choosing a domain name is important for your brand’s communication, but also for effectively targeting your clients. Depending on the job or geographic sector being targeted, Heek will guide you in your choice.


Generic and open international domain names such as .com or .net, as well as thematic or regulated ones such as .edu or.org.

National or local

National domain names .fr, .de, .co.uk, or local ones .paris .alsace .bzh, etc.

Jobs or subjects

Job domain names such as .hotel or .agency and subjects such as .immo or .web.

Complementary help with domain names

At any time, for any domain name, you can:

If you would like to know more about managing domain names with Heek, consult the articles below:

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