Google Analytics

Create a site and connect your Google Analytics account to enjoy all traffic tracking features.

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Integration in 2 clicks!

Just enter in the settings Analytics tracking code your site and enjoy all the tracking features. Acquisition, Audience, Behavior, Conversions.

Available only for Business users.

Customizable templates

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Google Analytics: Why is it so important?


Knowing where your visitors come from (SEO, advertising, social networking, referring sites, partners, etc.), you will know your progress and especially to track the effectiveness of your actions and your partners in time.


Getting visitors is not the purpose. Which pages are most interested or otherwise make them go systematically? What research do they do? What events do they trigger? So many issues critical to understand how to improve your site to get more sales or contacts.


Create and receive regular dashboard containing information that matters, keep an eye on developments regularly and be able to take decisions with a simple glance. Number of forms received, Top 10 most viewed pages, Top 5 worst performing pages, many standard TDB are proposed by default.