Add a Google map to your website

By adding a map to your website, you enable your customers to quickly locate your shop or office. For this, you just need to inform Heek your address.

What features to make a website with a Google map?

  • πŸ“„ Create a Practical Information page for your website

    Add a page to tell clients how to get to your store or office. This page must be a part of your menu to allow interested visitors to quickly plan their visit.

  • 🏬 Locate your business

    Encourage visitors to visit your store by adding a Google Map to your website. This will allow them to easily know where your shop or office is.

  • πŸ“ Geolocation or manual writing of your address

    If you create your website from your office, Heek will geolocate you directly. If the address you want to add is different, you can enter it manually from the editor.

  • πŸ–ŒοΈ A map that adapts to your website's colors

    You have chosen to create a website in shades of blue, red, sepia, etc? Heek automatically adapts your Google Map to match the design of your site.

  • ↔️ A map with adaptable dimensions

    Heek directly adjusts the size of the Google Map according to the page and the section in which it is inserted. Maps added to Heek websites are also readable from any device.

  • 🚌 Accompany the map of the means of access

    Accompany your map with a concise description of the different means of transportation that customers can travel with to get to your store or office.

Customizable website with map templates

Template carte google map 1 Template carte google map 2 Thème site avec carte google map Design site carte google map free Template carte google map free

What kind of professionals publish Google maps with Heek

Why publishing a Google map on your website?


To add a map to your website, just write 'add a map' to the robot. Then, tell him the address you want to highlight on the Google map.


Colors, dimensions ... Heek automatically adjusts the Google map to the design of your website for better readability and perfect aesthetics.

Attract customers to your store or office

By publishing a map and informing internet users about the various means of access, you encourage your potential customers to go to your store. Helping visitors to quickly find this information increases your chances of converting them to customers.