Present your history on your website

You want to explain your story or your company's story on your website, but do not know how to do it? Heek offers you several models of timeline to adapt to your company!

What features for an History page?

  • 📃 A page dedicated to your story

    Avoid any confusion by creating a History page that is separate from your About me page. The goal here is not to present your business, but only the evolution of your business.

  • 🖌️ Several models available

    In the form of a list, a table ... Present your rates in the way that best suits your product catalog and your field of activity.

  • 📅 Present the most important dates in your story

    Present the milestones that had a substantial impact on your company's history and disclose how you have grown as a company.

  • 🔗 Link your timeline elements to other pages

    External or internal pages, Paypal buttons... Link the elements of your timeline to the page or action button you want to promote.

  • 🎨 A timeline that match the colors of your site

    You have chosen to create a website in shades of blue, red, sepia, etc? Heek automatically adjusts your timeline to match your site's design.

  • ⏩ Choose the chronological order that suits you

    From the birth of your company to recent events or in reverse order, choose the chronological order that seems most relevant to you.

Customizable timeline templates

Template History page 1 Template History page 2 Theme timeline Design timeline free Template website with timeline free

What kind of professionals create timelines with Heek


Why publishing a timeline on a website?

Companies: positioning yourself as an expert

Throughout your history page, you will prove that you have acquired certain skills as your business has grown. This way, you will earn visitors' trust.

Freelance: Present your career

A timeline allows freelances to present their professional background in order to convince potential customers of their expertise and the richness of their past experiences.

Events: describe your programming

Singers, politicians, artists ... By publishing a timeline, you will inform your visitors of the famous events in which you have participated. This way, you will show off your talent.